Day 443: The Weigh In Before the Craziness Edition

So Kim Jon Il and Osama Bin Laden both died on Sundays? COINCIDENCE!?! probably.

So this morning something happened for the first time since I have started this whole crazy weight loss thing. I stayed the freakin’ exactly the same. Yep boys and girls, it was a no gain but a no loss. Like most sports fans (except for those soccer weirdos… I kid I kid) the idea of a no gain is like a tie. No one wins, yet everyone is a winner. I feel really weird about it. I’m not proud about it but I’m not mad. This also makes me worried that I might be reaching a plateau, but I don’t know. I’m in a place where I don’t feel like my body can’t look any smaller than the weight it is right now (if that makes a lick of sense.) I don’t see with the flabby condition my body is in right now how my body style could be in the 230’s or 220’s. I’m in an odd place, which is driving me to make some changes with my eating so I break through this… whatever this is.

For a while now, I haven’t really been counting my points, in fact I pretty much stopped counting when my daily allotment dropped down to 28 points a day. I can only imagine where I would be now if I had been counting… but you can’t get caught up in crap like that. It’s now time to pick ut back up so I can make the goals I have set out for myself. Sadly though, I’m thinking that getting to 225 by my birthday in mid-January is a pipe dream, but I’m still going to shoot for it! Anyways, today I finally counted out my points and actually measured out things like peanut butter (which I have been eyeballing which has lead to at least 100 calories more than I have been thinking it is. Ruh roh.) It was an eye opener to how off I have been recently and it’s challenging me to get back on the horse. If I’m not going to count the points total them: A) whats the point of blogging? and B) how do I expect to get the results I want? Alright, let’s get through this because I still need to pack!



Breakfast: For breakfast I had two pieces of toast and then spread one tablespoon across them. Lately, I have been schlacking both pieces and then wonder why we are running out of peanut butter more quickly… Although it wasn’t much peanut butter, it was definitely more than enough. Breakfast was 3.5 points.





Lunch: For lunch, we were going to go home and eat whatever was left in our fridge, but then realized that we didn’t have any food left in the house, so we went to Olive Garden for a really awesome light lunch. I did the soup and salad combo (minestrone and salad without the dressing) and then we split stuffed mushroom appetizer which was good but not our favorite. However, the stuffed mushrooms are 3 points for half of the order which isnt bad at all. By then end of lunch, we were both stuffed! It came out 11.5 points and that was two servings of soup, three stuffed mushrooms, two heaping helpings of salad and one and a half breadstick. Yes, that is a ton of food. To put it all in perspective though, my lunch was as many points as about four breadsticks! I use to pound four breadsticks easily before my weight loss. The moral of the story, calories add up really quick.

Snacks: I had 5 points worth of pretzels and reduced fat wheat thins through out the day. Yum.

Dinner: Tonight, Megan and I had our own Christmas before our trip up north. Megan whipped up an awesome rendition of chicken parmesan without the parmesan. It was an awesome dinner which was followed by some amazing press pot coffee made in my new press pot that I got for Christmas! It was a great night of sitting around, listening to the Charlie Brown Christmas album and sipping on coffee. Dinner was 12 points.

So today I got to 32 points which is not bad for the first day back on the point counting horse. I’m definitely going to get that number down and I plan to return to Tallahassee thinner than when I leave. See ya tomorrow.


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