Day 449: A Christmas Eve Recap of the Week!

Merry Christmas Eve Dear Readers!

I hope your break has been great and has been spent with loved ones like mine has. So far in our time in Seattle, we have eaten well and have actually eaten pretty healthy. It’s been awesome seeing all of my recently added Hoffman cousins that I haven’t seen in about two years. It was especially awesome since a lot of them have been great supporters of the blog (you know who you are! Thanks for being awesome.) Anyways, we are watching the classic “A Christmas Story” and just relaxing so I’m going to keep this brief. Megan’s parents have a scale so I’m going to weigh in tomorrow but it won’t be down to the tenths of a pound. I’m not sure how it will go but either way I’m going to work out a ton next week. I’ll report tomorrow, but for now enjoy these pics of The Hoffman Christmas Party and of Megan’s hometown of Poulsbo, Washington, a little Norwegian town that puts a the Norway pavilion at Epcot to shame. I’ll have some more pics up soon, but for now enjoy. See ya tomorrow.












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