Day 450: Christmas Edition

Well another Christmas has come and gone. It will be one that I will not soon forget. First things first though, according to the scale at Megan’s parents house, I have lost 3 pounds which means I am unofficially down to 241. I feel pretty good about it, but I know I’ll have to make up for today (more to come on that) and I just want to see it on my own scale. Either way, I have a good incentive to work out not only because I’m shooting to get to 225 by my birthday, but Megan’s parents bought me an awesome Polar heart rate monitor watch that I can’t wait to use! It also counts calories which will really help maximizing my workouts. Anyways, so today was definitely not what any of us expected, but it was a blast nonetheless.




Lunch: So Christmas dinner was planned out and the plan was to have a Christmas breakfast before or after church. Well, after church we decided breakfast didn’t sound that good at that point, so we decided to go to eat out for lunch. The only place open was Jack in the Box. It was epically delicious and epically gluttonous. The nice thing (or bad thing, depending on your point of view) about Washington state is that it’s required to have the calories posted on the menus at chain restaurants like Jack in the Box. It helped guide me kind of in the right direction. For better or worse, I had a burger, half of my fries and two tacos. Yeah I know, it wasn’t pretty. All things considered though, I ate at fast food restaurants a total of three (yes… three) times in 2011 so that counts for something? Maybe? Either way, it was an adventure and it felt like our own version of A Christmas Story except with a smiling duck I have a sad colon full of taco deliciousness.


Dinner: Megan and my Mother-in-Law Pattie were super busy in the kitchen making an epic and organic Christmas dinner. Everything was made with organic or fresh ingredients, along with shaving off calories here and there to make a dinner we will not soon forget. We had a massive rib roast, fresh green bean casserole, sweet potato slices and home made rolls. Like I said, it was delicious and I am still stuffed.

So like I said, it was a great and filling day full of delicious food along with great family. Although I still missed my parents and sis in Texas, it has been a fantastic Christmas. See ya tomorrow and Merry Christmas.


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