Day 458: Monday Post

It’s Monday and there isn’t school. That is awesome. I’m basking in its glory before life gets fun, complicated and kind of sad. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some grad school, but I’m ready for a J-O-B! (You hear that future employers?) Anyways, I’m also ready to get my weight loss back in gear so my blog will be worth reading. That started all today by clearing off my dining room whiteboard made space for a place to tally my points and exercise points. Alright, here we go.

Breakfast: When we were out and about at Earth Fare this weekend, I found this dried raspberry granola cereal in the bulk food section so we decided to give it a shot. I had half a serving of the cereal and half a serving of Stoneyfield yogurt. It was really good and really filling. I miss yogurt and cereal as breakfast. It was 5 points (what’s with the bold numbers? I actually use to tally my Weight Watcher points back in the day. I’m back to that.)

Oh yeah, we also had press pot coffee. It was deliciously strong.




Lunch: Since I’m still kind of stuck on West Coast time (three hours behind) we didn’t have lunch until around 3ish so we went to Subway. Megan and I went with the classic Black Forest ham sandwich. It was really good with some light mayo and spicy mustard. It was 8 points for a six inch sub. Hooray!

Insanity Day 1… Again: So we have tried to get through Insanity a couple of times, but we have fizzled out since it is pretty rough. Today was take two (or three or something like that) of our Insanity excursion (that is if our friends The Wards still let us borrow their copy…) and it was brutal. Day 1 is the Fit Test which you wake every couple of weeks to track your progress through out the program. What I tested today is if I can survive. The results was yes, I can survive. Thanks to my new Polar FT7 heart rate monitor watch/chest strap, I am able to accurately track my average heart rate and calorie burn. In 27 minutes, I burned 284 calories. It’s good to know how many calories you are actually burning in your workouts so you don’t under or over eat. After our workout we ate a delicious salad with 1 point of this awesome Annie’s honey mustard. I forgot to take a picture but I’ll be eating a lot more salad so you’ll see it soon enough.

Dinner: For dinner I had two Boca burgers with the scrapings of what was left in a chip bag. On my WW plan (an older one, not the Points Plus plan) one Boca burger is only 1 point which is awesome. So with the bread, the chips and the burgers were 8 points. I was impressed (plus they are cheap at Walmart too!)






Snack: Tonight, we went to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (also known as our generation’s The Silence of the Lambs) and they had $2 candy. We were planning on getting froyo after but instead we decided to split a box of Reese’s Pieces. As I looked on the back, it scared me a little bit because I would demolish boxes of candy like it was going out of style. An entire box was 12 points! Yikes! So Megan and I decided to split the box. Still kind of high, but not a bad treat for tonight. I had about 6 points worth. To quote my hilarious friend Sarah “No wonder ET was so lumpy.” Oh yeah, and these are my new glasses from Seattle Optical. You like?

After we got home, we had some popcorn (which is way better and healthier than theater popcorn) which was only 2 points (we are now watching Gilmore Girls to mentally decompress from a super intense movie… yes, we are watching the Gilmore Girls. Don’t hate.) I also had 3 points of waffles.

So today, out of my 28 allotted points (which I have over done ever since I was down to 28 points) I got to 33 points which isn’t at all bad especially since I have workout points. A great day. See ya tomorrow


One thought on “Day 458: Monday Post

  1. Love your new glasses and the Gilmore girls. You are definitely on the right track! I hope to get there myself this week and get back in the swing of things before the craziness of the semester starts.

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