Day 461: Thursday!


About this time usually in the week, I begin to think about the good ol’ Sunday weigh in and what it might bring. I’ve worked out more this week than I did all this Winter Break and I’ve hardly tapped in to my weekly points so far. I’m worried that the scale won’t necessarily correspond with my success this week. I’m trying to comes to grips with that so I won’t get discouraged and derail off of the awesome progress I have made so far this year (yes, I am looking at it in the context of a year.) Whatever happens on Sunday, I am taking solace in the fact that good habits are being implemented towards the greater goal of losing weight like a boss!

Breakfast: I was in a bit of a rush this morning so I just grabbed a Nature Valley bar and a cup of coffee. It worked for the busy morning I had. 4 points




Lunch: So today I came to the sad realization that I had been calculating my favorite sandwich at Jimmy John’s wrong recently. I thought my Beach Club with half of the mayo was only 9 points but then I recalculated it and it’s actually 14 points. I have been recalculating to make sure I’ve been doing things write so I can stay on point.






Snack: I had some Nutty Nuggets (4 points) one serving of chips and salsa (3 points) half a Hershey’s Bar (2.5 points) and a partridge in a pear tree (too early for Christmas humor?)

Oh yeah, I had some fruit too. Super filling.

Dinner: For dinner, Megan and I met up with our friends David and Ana for dinner at Sonny’s. Sonny’s use to be a gluttonous orgy of deliciousness with plates full of meats and sides and other fantastic delights, so I’ve had to make adjustments to my eating habits there. Luckily (and ironically) they have a really awesome low point salad called The Big Salad. Even with the chargrilled chicken and the fat free dressing, dinner was only 7 points! And yes, that is half as much as my lunch.

SAWS!: Today was Cardio Recovery for Insanity. When you hear the word “recovery” you think “relaxation.” When I hear “recovery” I hear “death and sadness.” There is a lot of stretching and intense yoga. All I know is I feel much taller than I did this morning. 3 exercise points.

So today, I got to 34.5 points so with my exercise points I was a few points over today which is more than fine. Tomorrow is going to be another brutal day of Insanity, but I can wait for it! BRING IT SON! See ya tomorrow.



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