Day 472: Monday and a Late Weigh In

I’m kind of a slacker and I was out and about with friends last night. My bad.

So yesterday, I was hoping for a big loss, but the last half of the week was full of eating out and overindulging. Either way though, I still lost .4 pounds so basically half a pound. Overall, I’m happy about my loss. I’m ready to drop in to the 230’s (which is 1.2 pound away). Hopefully with all of the Insanity this week I’ll be able to drop below.

NSV: There is a silver lining to all of this. To the left is 2011 Nathan who was barely below 300 pounds and the right pic is from last night. I can’t wait to see what I will look like in January 2013.


Breakfast: I got to sleep in this morning (which was glorious) so I had a quick breakfast. I just had an English muffin, a little pb and a banana. Yumness!

Lunch: After wishing on every shooting star and rubbing every lamps with genies religiously, they have finally opened a Jason’s Deli in Tallahassee!!! While they have awesome sandwiches and potatoes, their salad bar is the best thing on this earth. I stacked up that salad like a boss, not to mention dominating their awesome roasted red pepper hummus. I can’t wait to go back… like… tomorrow.






Dinner: When we were out and about, we went to Black Bean for a quick dinner. I just had some black beans and rice and some tostones. Pretty good stuff.

Insanity: Tonight was the second fit test for Insanity and overall it went pretty well. I improved in most of the areas so that’s a good sign. Either way, I was exhausted. After my workout I had one of those awesome one point Healthy Choice fudgsicle bars. And now I’m watching Arrested Development (going through the series for the third time. STEVE HOLT!) See ya tomorrow.

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