Day 478: Weigh In Time

The 240’s will be the death of me.

After having two slow weigh ins, I took one giant step back. This week I gained 1.8 pounds. It sucks, but like I said last night, I made some bad choices on the second half of the week and I kind of crapped out on Insanity. Tomorrow though I’m going to be back on it. I’m ready to hit it hard and drop some weight. I have been in the flippin’ 240’s for at least two months so I’m ready to say goodbye and never look back. Game time.

Breakfast: I had a Chobani with some Kashi Go Lean. After church, I had two pieces of my friend Julie’s fantastic apple coffee cake. It was epic.

Lunch: Megan made her awesome Uncle Jim’s Famous Chili but with a new spicy ingredient: chipotle peppers. Not only did it make it much spicier, it gave it an awesome new flavor. Megan also tried a cornbread recipe in our new skillet and it was some of the best cornbread I’ve ever had.






Dinner: Our awesome friends Emma and Stacy invited us over for dinner for… Taco Bell? Well… kind of. And when I mean kind of I mean something completely better. They make their own Crunchwrap Supremes so we built our own! Back in the day, I would dominate some Taco Bell because you could eat a ton for super cheap. The last time I went to a Taco Bell was when we lived in Abilene so the idea of a lower-calorie CWrap Supreme with turkey and other better ingredients was fantastic. They lived up to my hopes and dreams. They also had some awesome chicken and rice that’s hard to describe but all around delicious.

So today was pretty good, but I’m ready to eat well and workout hard this week. When I say the week I mean the whole week. Time to fight through. See ya tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 478: Weigh In Time

  1. Hey, Nate! if you’re ever not feeling insanity let me give you a trick that has been helping me shed the weight….get on a treadmill with an incline….set the incline between 8-10 and the speed between 3.4-3.7….just fast enough to wear it’s a workout but slow enough to where you can carry on a conversation. It works out muscles you didn’t realize you had and if you do it every day it’ll pay off dividends.

    Don’t give up! You have been a freaking beast and are truly an inspiration to people all over the country.

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