Day 479: Manic Monday

So this week was about dominating my eating habits and burn some serious calories to get the crap out if the 240’s! Today was a good day but just a weird day with food. I tried the eat the “eat every two hours” method which really kick starts you metabolism and it really worked because I was hungry all day. Okay let’s get to it to it to it to it to it… (JACK SPARROW! I’ve lost my mind.)

Breakfast: I brought a bag of Cheerios and a banana for the first installment, follow by one of those Smucker’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Unwhiches which are actually pretty good! I also had a banana. Yumness.









Lunch-ish: Today at work, my work buddy (and real life buddy as well) Andrea and I worked with the media at an event in the College of Law. What’s a fringe benefit of being a PR stud like me? FREE FOOD! I had four little meatballs, some cheese and crackers, a little sandwich roll and one chicken wing. Hooray for free food!








Dinner: Tonight I had leftover chili with some leftover cornbread. It was just as spicy and awesome as last night.That’s all that needs to be said (other than I can eat much less chili than I used to.)

SAWS: Tonight I got back in to Insanity and it was brutal. I did the Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs, two programs back to back. I was doing really well in Pure Cardio, but during the re-warm up during Cardio Abs, my right calf always seems to cramp up. The rest of the session is on the ground though so you it was okay to keep going. I’m not sure if it is the Fivefingers or the fact that doing anything after a long session of Pure Cardio is nuts, but I’ll keep my eye on it so I don’t do damage to my leg.

So like I said today was weird and I didn’t track my points really. Tomorrow is going to be a lot better about that. Mark it. See ya tomorrow.

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