Day 482: Thursday Stuffy Stuff

It was a dark and stormy night…

Yeah I know, generic beginning. Get over it.

Well, I did Insanity last night and it was epic. I went to bed and woke up still high on endorphins (it also helped that I had a Venti Americano so I was wired like a mad man.)

Breakfast: I just had two pieces of toast with peanut butter. Best breakfast ever (except for a wafflewhich or the Paris Coffee Shop in Fort Worth.)

Lunch: I went to a job fair today at the Civic Center and under the guidance of the always-wise Andrea de Lobo, I went the lounge/dining area in the FSU Law School. They were selling Pollo Tropical chicken with rice and beans. It was good. And delicious.

Snack: When I got home I had a bowl of Cheerios. Yum.

Dinner: (I know, FINALLY A PICTURE!) Tonight we went to the Korean BBQ place on Tennessee for something a little different. Every time I have gone there, the dumpling soup always sounds appealing, but I could never steer away from their Korean Pork. Tonight I finally gave it a whirl. It was really good, but I think I’ll stick with my pork from now on.

Workout: The other night, I met some of the members of the FSU Racquetball Club and they said they play a couple nights a week. Tonight I decided to join them and I got worked. I’ve essentially been playing the same 5 people for about 2 years so playing people with a different style is challenging. I only got to play two games until they evacuated Leach because there was a tornado warning. Awe well.

So that’s about my day. Nothing too exciting. I’ll make it more interesting next time. See ya tomorrow.

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