Day 486: The Case of the Mondays Make Me Sad Edition

Today was rough. Grad school is so stressful sometimes. I’m really ready to graduate, get a job and not have to worry about school anymore. What I am ready for though is to lose some weight this week! It felt awesome to get on the scale yesterday and see that I had made some killer progress! I think I’ll be able to replicate that this week even though I felt like death today for the majority of the day. Nothing like having to present for a quarter of your grade in your class while sick. No bueno. Luckily though I think it went well! Anyway, as you’ll see, I didn’t eat much today. So let’s talk…

Breakfast/Lunch: I had a Tervis full of hot green tea because my head and throat were not doing too hot. Even though I slept like 11 hours between a nap yesterday and sleep last night, I was not feeling well at all. I went to work for two hours and then realized if I stuck around, it was going to be bad news bears because my stomach started to hurt like crazy too! No fun. So, I went back home, crawled in to be like Rip Van Winkle (side note: I was in a Christmas play one time called Rip Van Christmas when I was in 5th grade in Abilene Texas. I rocked it.) and took a power nap while watching a show about knitting on Create (I heart PBS.) After I woke up, I had a ham sandwich with some Cape Cod reduced fat chips. It was weird because I felt so much better after that. 6 points

Dinner: Somehow, that sandwich and chips really held me over (as if my stomach was smaller than when I was 350 pounds or something…) but when 7:30 rolled around, it was time for dinner. Megan and I decided to hit up Mellow Mushroom for a calzone. We kind of burned ourselves out on MM so it was good to go back again. I just had a regular cheese calzone in all of its oozing cheesy goodness. I would have taken a picture, but it was trivia night and I didn’t want to get disqualified. Figure this out though, I didn’t know the answer to the question “Who was the 1989-1990 NBA Rookie of the Year” (answer: David Robinson aka my idol) but I did know the answer to the question “Which fictional book by H.P. Lovecraft was also called ‘The Book of the Dead?'” (answer: The Necronomicon.) Hooray for knowing the name of obscure early 20th century literature but not knowing any sports trivia. Fail. Anyway, a whole calzone was 18 points.

So I had no idea that I hadn’t eaten much today until I was writing this. I was full all day, but I could have drank much more water especially since my sinuses were dried out. I guess I’ll do that tomorrow. I didn’t do Insanity today, but I will tomorrow since I should be feeling better by then. I was also a little apprehensive to do it today because my heel was hurting still today from I guess all of the roots I ran over. Plus my quads are super sore too, but I guess I could just stretch them out though… I’m not smart sometimes. See ya tomorrow.



5 thoughts on “Day 486: The Case of the Mondays Make Me Sad Edition

    • Upon re-reading with my reading glasses, it appears you are an adequate speller and I am an IDIOT. Nothing like punking yourself on a public post.

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