Day 487: That Time I Got an iPad Edition

Yes, it is true. My life is complete. I guess that’s all I can say.

I’m going to keep this quick because my battery icon looks like that which means I have no clue when my computer will shut off. Awesome right?

Anyway, today was obviously pretty good, but I discovered my kryptonite: rotisserie chicken.

Breakfast: I had to be up on campus a little kind of early so I went for some coffee and bagels and cream cheese. Their Vanilla Hazelnut is usually spot on but tonight was a little burnt. Awe well. Overall it was pretty good.









Lunch: I know I know, animal crackers and Diet Coke: the lunch of champions (and grad students.) I didn’t have much time between classes so I grabbed that out of the vending machine. Yummy stuff.









Dinner: I wasn’t really hungry until kind of late so we went to Publix for some food. They had a deal where you got a rotisserie chicken and two sides for pretty cheap. We kept the sides small and the portions of chicken regular, but that temptress also known as leftover chicken kept calling my name every time I would go in to the kitchen. What was even worse was that I would eat the dark meat and the skin which is the worst part! AHHHHH! It was no bueno. I need to work on that. If I could conquer rotisserie chicken, I would be able to conquer anything.

Insanity: This week is the calm before the storm: Cardio Core and Balance. After this is when Phase Two and it gets just plain sadistic. Anyway, the workout was bad, but it hurt so good. I feel nice and stretched out.


So that’s about it. Tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday! If you have a question for the video, post a comment below or on The Fotographing Fat Kid Facebook Page. See ya tomorrow.





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