Day 489: Thursday With Pictures!

Sorry for no post last night… As you can see, last night was not good. I didn’t post last night because I was just exhausted. For the past couple of days I have been stuck in a feeling that could be related to that moment when you get off of the merry-go-round and everything is disoriented and you are wondering what you got yourself in to. I think I’m just mentally fried. I be slowly getting out of this funk this evening, but it’s lingering like that weird black hole thing in that antidepressant commercial.  I don’t know. But, you aren’t here to read about my stress-induced life (or are you…)

Breakfast: I had coffee for breakfast, yes… the breakfast of champions. Nothing like starting off your day with 21 ounces of caffeine scorching through your veins. I had a “dirty coffee” (name penned by my good blogger friend tracey) which is an iced coffee with a shot of mocha syrup. It was particularly good this morning.

Lunch: Megan and I went to this awesome place called Bada Bean that we have never to before. The “bean” works on multiple levels (well at least in my case) because they serve some awesome coffee and they make the best black bean burger in town! I had the steak fries with it (should have picked a better side. Fail on my part.) and it was topped with avocados on ciabatta bread. It was epic.





Snack: I bought some peanut butter from Earth Fare and some local Tupelo honey (evidently if you eat local honey once a day it will cure your allergies) so I combined those two delicious entities to make a delicious wafflewich.

Dinner: We didn’t eat until around 9:30, but it was worth the wait. While we were at Earth Fare, we also got these chicken thingamabobs that look a lot like chicken cordon blue but not as heavily breaded on the outside. They have different variations, but we went with the chicken stuffed with feta and spinach. They turned out really well. We were both really impressed.

So that’s really about it today. Although I am incredibly tired, I’m off to do Insanity because I didn’t last night. At this point, Insanity is like going to your friends house every day and when you ring the door bell, your friend comes out and slaps you in the face. It’s not fun right now, but I can’t argue with the results (the results part doesn’t apply to my analogy.) Anyway, here are the pics I would have posted yesterday. I hope you like them (if not, don’t tell me. At this point I would cry with the force of a hundred waterfalls.) See ya tomorrow.


























































One thought on “Day 489: Thursday With Pictures!

  1. I’ve been good all week- really, really good. But all week I’ve been thinking non-stop about going to the store, buying a box of white cheddar chees-its, and demolishing them. Like I’m afraid to go grocery shopping right now because of it and we’re almost out of actual food in the house.

    Hang in there. Bad days happen. What’s important is you got back on track as soon as possible, and didn’t give up. Stick it out. Keep getting slapped in the face by Insanity. Make thoughtful choices. You can do it.

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