Day 491: Saturday Yo!


So I just tried on this Calvin Klein button up that I have had since July that hasn’t fit… UNTIL NOW BOY! Not gonna lie, I be lookin’ fine. The awesomeness just keeps coming and it is flippin’ fantastic.

Breakfast: I had a group meeting this morning so I got up, made some press pot coffee and had some dry toast. Yum.

Brunch: After my meeting, I came home to breakfast! Megan had made some eggs, cheese and bacon. It was awesome as well. (A lot of awesomeness going around today.)







SAWS!: I was in the mood for a run so I strapped on the ol’ five fingers and hit the trails. Recently, it feels like I’m running a lot faster than I was even since October. I’m doing a 5k in April and I can’t wait to see how that goes. Anyways, I when I was running, my form felt a lot better and frankly I felt like another awesome guy who ran in the forest… I ran for about 40 minutes and torched 602 calories. Legit.







Dinner: We had some ground chuck from The Fresh Market that needed to be eaten so I made the best burger I have ever made. I have finally figured out my Weber and how to wield its awesomeness. Megan made some killer guacamole and we also had some Publix macaroni salad left over (which was not worth the calories.) It was a pretty epic meal.

So overall today was a pretty awesome Saturday. Got a lot done and got a fantastic run in. I have a decent feeling about tomorrow, I did eat my share of guac but not a lot of chips but the macaroni salad was just a bad choice. Won’t be doing that again. See ya tomorrow.


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