Day 493: The Time the Vice President Came to Town Edition

What up G!

So today was an adventure. I could just leave it at that, but I’ll humor you and continue.

Today, Vice President Joe Biden spoke at Florida State regarding the cost of tuition and other fun things. I work in the University Communications office at Florida State and we worked side by side with the White House media relations staff to help direct and control the media. It was really cool to watch them work and it reinforced my belief that I am in the right profession. Anyway, I was a press volunteer so I while I answered any questions the press might have, I ended up with other roles as well. First, I played hero by saving a Secret Service agent from a giant (okay… tiny) spider that was crawling on his back. Don’t worry, I made him aware of the spider before I brushed it off of his shoulder so he didn’t think I was karate chopping him. (If that were the case, this post would have been called “That Time The Fotographing Fat Kid Ended Up in Guantanamo Edition”). I also played the role of “Seat Filler.” Some silly student left their post of sitting down in the rafters so I ended up sitting in (pardon the pun) for them. (That’s me. My non-scale victory is that I honestly didn’t recognize myself when I first saw this picture. That’s such an odd yet awesome feeling!!!) Anyway, so while I didn’t get to shake his hand, I got dang near close to him which was cool on its own merit. It was an exhausting, yet really cool experience. I’ll post a lot more pictures on Wordless Wednesday!

Lunch: So I had been on my feet basically from 8 am to around 2:00 and I was spent. Our awesome boss Jeanette offered us lunch at Mellow Mushroom as a token of her appreciation. Since I had two pieces of toast with pb early this morning, I was starving so I had and destroyed a cheese calzone. I spend the rest of my day in class praying that a hammock would appear in an Old Testament-like fashion. (“Then the Lord saw favor in his servant the Fotographing Fat Kid and laideth beforeth him a hammock made from the finest strands of fibers and the finest cotton. The Fat Kid relaxethed and found favor in his sight”) Where the crap was I going with that? Oh yeah, I was full the rest of the day. It was delicious.



Dinner: So we didn’t get home until kind of late and since we both weren’t incredibly hungry, I made some Spaghetti-O’s and two ham sandwiches. Yes, oh so exciting. At that point, I was up for anything so that’s what I went with. Yum!






So as you can see, it was quite an eventful day. And to top it all off: IT’S MY DAD’S BIRTHDAY! Yep! He’s… older than he was yesterday ;). My parents have been such an encouragement to Megan and I through out this weight loss journey (this is Dad and I from the Turkey Trot in 2010.) It has been such a blessing to have such support. It has also been awesome to hear from other people and to hear them say “yeah, your Dad always talks about how awesome you are doing with your weight loss. He is so proud of you.” It’s really a great feeling. Happy birthday Dad. I love you.


See ya tomorrow.




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