Day 497: 11 Things About Me Edition

What’s up everybody!

Sorry about no post last night. I went to the midnight showing of Star Wars Episode I in 3D. (Yeah, I’m a nerd.) So I won’t be long tonight. I have two papers I need to be working on so I need to get at it. Today has been pretty normal, except that I SAWS’d it hard at the gym today! I did a cardio circuit of my own that felt awesome: 20 minutes on the spin bike (hello wedgie!), 30 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes running. I burned 730 calories. It was brutal but awesome. Nothing like doing homework high on endorphins.

So my good blogging pal Jennifer from A Girl Who Loves Cupcakes added me to this 11 question list so I thought I would respond to it and that would be it for tonight. I promise tomorrow will be an epic blog!

  1. What’s your favorite fashion accessory?
    Ummm… you know…
  2. If you could only save 1 picture that you’ve ever taken, what would it be of?
    This one of Megan and I right after I proposed with a ring made of grass. (Real ring to follow.)
  3. What book are you currently reading?
    “Multicultural Intelligence” and a bunch of journal articles. I really want to start the Hunger Games though!
  4. What’s your favorite place to visit?
    Any one of these counties
  5. What’s THE one thing you can’t leave the house without?
    iPhone. iCantdoanythingwithoutit
  6. What’s your favorite movie?
    Dumb and Dumber… hands down
  7. What color best represents your wardrobe?
    Since 90% of my wardrobe is a shade of blue, I’m going with blue.

  8. What’s your favorite breakfast food?
    Bacon. In any way, shape or form. (I know it’s made of pigs, but I can’t help myself…)

  9. What’s your favorite kind of exercise?
    Racquetball. My record might be something like 5-60, but I has been the single biggest factor for my weight loss other than eating better. True story.

  10. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
    I have received plenty of good advice while drinking coffee with old coots growing up (you know, those guys who drink coffee at Whataburger in every small town in Texas/America.) Most of it was emphasized doing what you love which makes work not so much like work. Good advice.

  11. What’s your most expensive purchase?
    My undergrad education. Thanks ACU!
    Thank God I won’t look like this for my FSU graduation…
    See ya tomorrow

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