Day 505: Saturday Time Stuff


You are all awesome! I love you all and you smell nice! That is unless you just got done working out so you smell nice in a different way.

So today actually felt like a Saturday. Sleeping in has never felt better. It was nice just to chill in my PJs and watch stuff about Hitler on The History Channel (because that’s all they show.) As far as food goes, it was pretty epic as well. Here we go…

Breakfast: I just kept it simple and delicious for breakfast: toast, an egg and two Morning Star breakfast patties. Oh yeah, and spicy ketchup. Delicious!

Lunch: In keeping with my unintentional tradition of going to Jason’s Deli on Saturdays, I went to pretty much my favorite place in Tallahassee. I made an epic salad with a side of hummus and melba toast for dipping. I think next time I’ll just use the peppers for dipping since they are basically no calories and yellow peppers are the flippin’ jam! I also had a little ice cream in a cone. Hooray!

Dinner: Tonight, Megan and I decided to try this new pizza place next to our house called Your Pie where you basically create your own pizza. (And yes, Kramer did have that same idea in a Seinfeld episode.) While they have a wide variety of topping options, they also have some pre-created topping combinations. I tried The Lineage which was had pepperoni, sausage, peppers, and other stuff. It was pretty good, but they could have left it in brick oven for a little longer. (Oh yeah, they have a wood oven! AWESOMENESS!) They also have on of those cool coke machines with all of the cool drink combinations. One more oh yeah, they even have gelato! Overall, pretty cool place!

Dessert: When we got home, I made some strawberry shortcake with fat free whip and locally grown strawberries. Fantasticness.

So today wasn’t too bad with food. The one thing I would have done was substituted the cheese at Your Pie for low fat mozzarella which was an option. Other than that, I’ve been drinking my water and doing my thang. I doubt I’ll lose completely what I gained last week, but I bet I have lost some since last week was a stress gain. Good times. See ya tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 505: Saturday Time Stuff

  1. I enjoy reading your blog! You should have one day with your wife as the guest blogger telling the story in her words 🙂 My husband hates it when I go all healthy and try vegetarian or low-meat meals and his take on things can be a bit different – would love to hear from megan’s perspective and even a bit of background on her journey

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