Day 508: Super Fat Tuesday

So today was bad with food. It reminded me that I am still on an epic weight loss journey. I feel like I have been taking things for granted which has lead to unbalanced weight loss (losing and gaining losing and gaining losing and gaininglosing and gaining losing and gaining). I know this is nothing new. I have been whining about this like cray cray for a while. Today was a wake up call to get me out of i and get to losing some weight.

I was planning on giving up something for Lent. A few years ago, I gave up soda which backfired horribly because I just replaced soda with slurpees. (Fat kid Fail.) Anyways, after today I decided to give up fried foods (not just french fries) for Lent. I want this to be a springboard to back where I am not eating fried food again, or at least to each much less than I am now. When I started losing weight I didn’t hesitate to pass up on stuff like that. It’s time to get back to that. So what are you giving up? (Please don’t give up blog reading!)

Breakfast: So here we go… Like I said today was bad. Megan and I went to Atomic Coffee for breakfast. I wanted to get a breakfast sandwich and I chose horribly in the most delicious way possible. (If this was The Matrix, I took the greasy pill.) I had the best Americano in the universe (which is like 10 calories) and then I had The Waffler, a bacon and egg breakfast sandwich with two waffles as bread. I know I know this was bad. I was delusional in my morning decision making. I don’t know what to say. Bad idea.


Lunch: In honor of Fat Tuesday (which I took to heart) Megan and I went to Po’ Boys, this cajun place close to campus. We started out with fried pickles (yes, this is still a weight loss blog) and then I had red beans and rice with thin slices of andouille sausage. It was really good and I only ate half of it. Again, not the best but it is what it is.








Dinner: So this weekend, Megan and our friends Becky, Julie, Stacy and Emma are participating in a church wide chili contest on Saturday. Tonight, we had a test run on our recipe. It turned out… well, you’ll see how good it was on Saturday.


So as you can see today was lame. Tomorrow is going to be way better. Wordless Wednesday! See ya tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Day 508: Super Fat Tuesday

  1. probably won’t work so well for guys, but when I wanted to stop biting my nails, I took up painting them. As in making each nail a total work of art, and changing it every day. I was so caught up in how much time and effort I put into them, I stopped biting them. That was in high school after being a biter all my life. I have never done it since.

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