Day 514: Monday Time Yo!

What up G!

So today was a little bizarre. It started out pretty bad but then it got progressively better.  Anyway, I have finally started to count points and I actually feel full for once. When you eat out all the time, it gets to you. You feel empty a lot of the time. Okay, food time.

Breakfast: This morning, we went back to an old friend: Kashi Go Lean Awesomeness. Mondays are a little weird when it comes to eating, so I try to have a big breakfast to even things out. With that being said, I had two servings and I was full! Yum. 7 points.

Mid-Morning Snack: When we were at Publix, we found these almond biscottis that are only 1 point for 2 which was awesome because one is usually 3 points.

Lunch: I had an Amy’s microwavable enchilada verde meal which was awesome as always (as you can tell, I eat awesome food.) 9 points.





Snack: In between class and meetings, I had to get something for a snack. So, I went with some animal crackers. Great stuff. 5 points.

Workout:After class and such, Megan and I went to work out. Sometimes, there is nothing more cathartic than torching some calories. I only had 40 minutes to work out so I made the most of it with cardio! I divided my time up as followed: 10 minutes of the row machine, 15 minutes of the elliptical and 15 minutes of the stairmaster. I burned 495 calories in about 40 minutes which worked for me. SAWS!!!






Dinner: Even though we didn’t get home until late, we still made it a priority to cook at home over eating out. Yesterday we bought some Greenwise steak that was on sale from Publix so we paired that with some low fat mashed potatoes (used greek yogurt) and then some microwavable green beans and cheese and broccoli. Anyway, it was an epic meal and one of the best sit down dinners I have had in a while. It came out to about 13 points.

So today I got to about 35 points which will work with my workout. Awesomeness. See ya tomorrow.


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