Day 515: Tuesday Time G!

Why hello awesome people!

Today had a lot a ruge (a combo of rude and good) awakening. We’ll talk about that in a bit. Food time!

Breakfast: So if you recall, last week I ate a really really really really bad breakfast sandwich that substituted bread with waffles. Yeah, it was epic, but no, it was not Weight Watcher friendly. Instead of Atomic Coffee, I went a healthier route and went to Subway! I had the Subway breakfast club with bacon and shredded cheese. The coffee wasn’t Atomic Coffee good (by a long shot) but it was really good! 4 points.





Lunch: I had to work through lunch but luckily my awesome wife had the foresight to make lunches before we headed out the door this morning. I had a chicken sandwich with a banana and a Kashi bar. YUM! 6 points.

Snack/Wake Up Call: So after class I was pretty hungry but it wasn’t quite time for dinner so we went for some froyo at TCBY. It was a bittersweet affair. (The froyo is not bittersweet, it was fantastic.) I had a parfait and I thought it wasn’t going to be that bad because it was basically the same thing I get regularly. Anyway, I plugged it in to the calculator on the TCBY website… and it was bad. Like 14 points bad. It was a rude awakening because I have been underestimating my points like a boss. Megan made a good point when she said it was kind of cathartic and relieving to know so we can move on and avoid it from now on.

Later in the day, I had a serving of PopChips. They are awesome. I’ll dedicate a post to their awesomeness someday. 3 points.



Exercise!So tonight, my bro Alex and his intramural team needed an extra player for their basketball team. I hadn’t played intramurals in years so it made me felt young again. It was awesome. We won the game. Hooray.

Dinner: I just had some fake chicken tenders and barely a serving of PopChips. Awesome. Then I had a thing of string cheese (I want to call it a slice but I know that’s not the case…) so dinner was overall 4.5 points.

So today I got to 31.5 points which isn’t that far over and with the game I was probably okay. See ya tomorrow.


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