Day 522: Tuesday Post!


Sorry for a random weigh in post and then disappearing for obscure amount of time. The second half of last week was crazy in a good and bad way. It was bad because I kind of crashed hard with counting points and the semester was getting crazy. It was awesome because my great friend Patrick and his girlfriend Jennifer drove through and spent the night on Saturday. Patrick and I were best friends when I lived in Louisville for a short amount of time. Since then, we have kept in contact regularly. However, this was the first time we had seen each other in nine years. It was pretty awesome to see old friends.

Anyway, after they went on their way (in Patrick’s epic Corvette) Megan and I headed down to Apalachicola for a little Spring Break trip. We stayed in a little Inn, hit the beach, saw some dolphins, and then went to Destin for some outlet mall shopping (I bought a bunch of $5 bow ties from the Saks 5th Ave outlet. So flippin’ stoked!) Now, we are back and super ready to get back to counting points. I have even more motivation because after doing the math, if I want to reach my year end goal of 178.5 (half my of my starting weight) all I have to do is average 1.5 pounds every week! THAT’S DOABLE!!!! That’s motivation enough at this point. Get stoked. (Please note: I know the food eaten today will not reflect point counting. That’s why tomorrow is a new day.)


Breakfast: This morning, we had breakfast at the Inn we were staying at. Breakfast was a few slices of bacon, toast, fruit and an egg scramble. It was pretty good!

When we were driving to Destin, I had a Kashi bar. Yum.








Lunch: So a little known fact about me: I flippin’ love Pei Wei and PF Chang’s. It may be my favorite chain in the universe. So when we found out there was a PF Chang’s in Destin, we jumped on it. I went with the lettuce wrap, my favorite, and we shared an order of steamed pot sickers. The food was lukewarm and disappointing because our service sucked. Lame sauce.




Dessert:After a day of crazy shopping, we worked up an appetite for froyo! I went back to the basic small cup with not extra toppings and all that fun stuff. Yum.









Dinner: There wasn’t much around the house so we just had nachos. Shredded cheese and chips. Yum.

So that’s about it. There will be a ton of pictures tomorrow and I’ll report getting back to WW via video! Get stoked. See ya tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Day 522: Tuesday Post!

  1. I LOVE PF Changs. Undeniably my favorite restaurant. A lot of people have said that they’ve gotten bad service or their food has been cold (from different places on the East Coast). Maybe I’ve just been lucky? The lettuce wraps are my fave! Glad you guys had a good time, but even more glad that you’re back!

  2. Ah! You went to Destin and I didn’t know. Sarah grew up in Destin and her parents still live there. I know the exact outlet you’re talking about. Next time give us a call before you go for some “local’s tips.”

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