Day 525: Friday Post Yo! GO NOLES!

I wish I was in the ATL right now watching my Noles do work on the U, but I also wish I was in Austin for the start of SXSW (Google it). I guess chilling on my couch will work too :).

Anyway, yeah… about that no post last night, my b. I can tell you that we had this delicious veggie lasagna that was epic.

Today was the last official day of Spring Break and while it was a little depressing that it is over, the semester is at least coming to an end. Overall, it was a great last Spring Break! Okay, let’s talk food!

Breakfast: I went with my old standby of Fage Greek Yogurt (which is epic by the way) and Kashi Go Lean Berry Crumble awesomeness. It’s a lot of breakfast for not a lot of calories and while Chobani has a special place in my heart, the Fat Free Fage plain yogurt is really good!

While Out and About:
Even though it is Spring Break, I still had to do some homework to make the end of the semester a lot more bearable. For one of my classes, I have to interview PR and marketing professionals in the community to learn more about their positions and the industry. Today, I interviewed the lady who has my dream job: the Community Relations Coordinator for Earth Fare in Tallahassee. It was great to hear all about Earth Fare’s mission to end childhood obesity and how they are working towards that with school programs and community outreach. It not only inspired me to find a job that helps the greater good, it also really encouraged me to continue to shop at Earth Fare to further their mission! Anyway, after my informational interview with Sydney and Travis, I did a little shopping (and of course some free sampling) and bought some Kombucha. Good stuff.

Lunch:I just had a slice of that awesome veggie lasagna for lunch. Deliciousness.





Yum Time: In keeping with the stuff that needed to get done on Spring Break, we went to the laundromat (and no we didn’t get these cupcakes at a laundromat) but before we head over there, we ventured in to midtown for some Lucy & Leo’s cupcakes. We’ve never been there, but we have heard great things about them. I decided to try the peanut butter chocolate cupcake with Reese’s Pieces on top and Megan tried their famous red velvet. The frosting was super light and it was perfectly sweet. I even overheard the worker talk about how they use fresh ingredients and don’t use preservatives. Always a bonus (if anything, you know they are fresh.) Overall, I was pretty impressed!

Dinner: Tonight, Megan made this awesome maple dijon chicken with some mashed potatoes and even some leftover brussel sprouts from Wednesday night. It was epic as always.

So that’s about it for today. Sorry I didn’t have the points up, but I can tell you that a massive slice of veggie lasagna is only 5 points which equates to something like 200 calories. That’s pretty epically awesome.

At this point in the night, I’m pretty hungry so I’m trying to stave of hunger with water and snacking on veggies. Any suggestions? See ya tomorrow.






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