Day 528: Monday Adventures

Sorry for a late night post. We were watching a TLC show about removing excess excess skin after extreme weight loss. It was… interesting. Anyway, Monday was a good day! Monday’s are one of those days that you are worried they will suck but then are much better than expected. Holla.

Breakfast: I had a bowl of Kashi Awesomeness. Hooray! 7 points.

Lunch: Today, I ate lunch at work. Nothing too exciting, just a leftover slice of pizza and a Kashi bar. It was a pretty good 8 pointlunch. Oh yeah, and a delicious apple.

So it was a long time between lunch and my dinner plans, so I came home and had a Lean Pocket (6 points) and 2 points of corn flakes. I need to get some better snacks in the house. Scratch that, I need to eat the delicious fruits that we keep in the house that are free points. (I feel like I’m starting this thing all over again…)





Dinner with a Wolf: Today was my friend Andrea’s birthday so a couple of us went out for her birthday! We went to this place called Sahara in Tallahassee. The food was great! I just had a bowl lentil soup. For how much you get, lentil soup is a great low point meal. Sometimes it does taste like dirt, but Sahara makes it right! The soup was only about 3 points but with the pitas it was about 7 points.

I wasn’t kidding when I said (or wrote) that I feel like I’m starting this thing all over again. It has been rough and I’m already close to using all my extra points for the week. In a way though, this really is starting over, just from a different point. I have been stagnant since November so this is technically a new starting place. It’s not easy, but I’m going to make a few adjustments like better use of points for breakfast (eat more fruits, etc.) and better snacking options through out the day. No matter what, I have been more disciplined than I have been in a while and it’s truly a refreshing feeling. See ya tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 528: Monday Adventures

  1. I have fallen in the same rut and this week am trying to get back on track with a new workout program. I totally understand the whole starting over mentality I had to restock my fridge and pantry with healthier options. These first few days I have been SO hungry. It’s hard not to go overboard because your body is used to consuming more calories. I had forgotten about this part. We’ll get through it!

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