Day 529: Terrific Tuesday Time

(I wonder how many more T’s I can add to the title…)

Greetings my fine viewing friend! Today was pretty awesome, well for me anyway. I guess you can read about it and be the judge of that.

Breakfast: (I just need to point out that the Walker Texas Ranger theme song just started to play. Imagine this paragraph with an awesome background song. To be even more adventurous, find it on YouTube and listen to it.) Okay, yes I’m super ADD tonight. My bad. ANYWAYS! Megan and I went to Subway for breakfast. I had the bacon egg and cheese sandwich. They are really the most filling 4 points. I don’t know what it is. I was fuller longer after eating that than eating 7 points of Kashi with milk. I really need to re-evaluate breakfast…







Lunch: So my class had a field trip to visit the fine folks at VisitFlorida, the marketing entity for Florida tourism. The plan was that my friend Andrew (that’s Mr. Cullen to the vampire horde) and I were going to go to Jason’s Deli before class. Unfortunately, it was packed. So we went across the street to Bada Bean. The last time I was there, I had their epic black bean burger (it’s the best Jerry! The best!) so I had that with potato salad. It was pretty epic and delicious. After we were there for a while, my No.1 cheerleader/hater Alex stopped by too. (How many shout outs is that now Alex?) Anyway, lunch was about 14 points. The sides are kind of limited there so it was potato salad or bean salad, which seemed kind of redundant. For a snack later in the day I had a 1 point English muffin with some honey.

Meeting Joe: So as you may have saw on Facebook, I found out today that I have now have a personal trainer through Leach and FSU! I got the call today and we set up a time just to meet and talk about the fun/death that will ensue. We talked about my weight loss and all that fun stuff and how I’m ready to get more muscly and less flabby. We are starting on Thursday night with weight lifting. He said at one point we will do a high intensity cardio circuit with boxes and ropes and stuff, the kind of things I’ve been really wanting to try. I think my eyes were wide the whole time we talked like his head was made out of chocolate cake or something. (I know that comparison was obscure and perhaps creepy to some readers. What I meant was I AM SO FREAKIN STOKED TO START TRAINING!!!) I’ll have a full recap on Thursday and I’ll talk about it a little more tomorrow night on Wordless Wednesday.

So even though we didn’t go Jason’s for lunch, we ended up going there for dinner (I know, I’m ridiculous.) I challenged Megan to see who could make the more epic salad. When I mentioned the idea, she became an intense architect of salad awesomeness! Now, YOU HAVE TO VOTE ON THEM! Just say either the top salad or the bottom salad! (Please vote in comments section below and please, no betting.) Anyway, so Megan ordered a French Onion soup with her salad and they accidentally brought two (all right! Double prizes!) Dinner was great! We both found dressings that were low cal and low sodium and we both had our share of their delicious hummus. Fan-freakin-tastic! It is super tedious to figure out a salad, but I did it one time when we visited our friends in Abilene   (This was one of my favorite posts to write! It includes an Old man motivating me! Check it out!) and I figured it out to be about 10 points. I think I’m safe to assume that since I don’t deviate from my salad making prowess. The soup was also 5 points. I could have said no to the soup and had been okay. Awe well.

So that’s about it for today. I got to about 34 points which is really good because only one point was snacking. I think if every day could be like this I would be able to live eating only 28 points. While I know I might be a little off on dinner, either way I’m making much better options with my food which means I just plain feel better. I don’t feel slouchy like I have been. It’s an awesome feeling. See ya tomorrow.

PS (I’ll announce the winner tomorrow of the Epic Salad Battle on my Facebook page!)


8 thoughts on “Day 529: Terrific Tuesday Time

  1. top salad picture gets my vote! PS-I have heard you say “alright, double prizes!” more time than any other non-animated human. It’s a good thing!

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