Day 531: That Time My Arms Hurt Alot Edition

My arms hurt so much that it hurts to type. I wish I was exaggerating. I’ll post the pictures but in short: the first day of personal training was epic. Joe is fantastic to work. I want to learn the mechanics of weight lifting and exercising and he really takes the time to explain it all to me. Today we did chest and triceps right in the “Bro Den” (if you go to Leach or go to the gym you know what I mean.) While I was doing chest flys with 12 pound weights, Mark McGuire’s offspring was next to meet doing curls with 90’s. When I was big, the only time I would feel tiny and scrawny was in the weight area. Today, I just focused on me. I went in there, didn’t care what other people thought and just focused on this guy. It was a confidence I never had in the gym. It was an awesome feeling.

Alright, well to summarize the day, I didn’t have breakfast, but I had a great lunch and then an epic dinner. With the workout, I was well within my points. Deliciousness. Again, sorry this was short, but I’m fading fast. See ya tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 531: That Time My Arms Hurt Alot Edition

  1. you’re lucky! I am surrounded by guys when I am in the free weight section of the gym, all using huuuuge dumbbells to build up their muscles while I can’t get over 15lbs for most of my exercises lol. the only ones I can go higher on are squats, dead lifts and db rows (apparently I have great back and tricep strength, which is the opposite of most people lol)

    soon you will be using those big dumbbells and looking all impressive and join the group of guys that look with pity at the lone girl whose trying oh so hard to finish her bench press sets but whose arms are literally shaking for the last couple reps and can’t quite make it…it’s so embarassing *rolls eyes* I’ll probably never be able to get over 15lbs but one day you will be the guy with the 90lbs dumbbells and you’ll rock it for sure! 🙂

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