Day 533: St Patricks Day Edition

(I was going to have an epic line of Gaelic right here but I couldn’t find a translator… or a leprechaun.)

Today was a pretty good day. Unlike the rest of Tallahassee, I just decided to stay in tonight and watch basketball and stuff about Ireland on PBS. I know, I’m awesome. It also doesn’t help that my arms are incredibly sore from this morning’s workout. More on that in a second…

Breakfast: I actually slept in this morning (which felt amazing. I hate Daylight Savings.) and then woke up a little bit before my second personal training session today. I wanted to have a protein-packed breakfast so I had a wafflewich! Hooray for deliciousness! I packed two tablespoons of peanut butter on that bad boy so it was 7 points.

SAWS Session: So when I first met with Joe, he told me that we would being doing ropes and other fun stuff during the cardio days. I was stoked. I was not disappointed. I started out with a four station circuit with four rotations total. The stations were: squat jumps, slamming ropes (this kind of thing), resistance band pull, and the inverted row (which I have seen on Biggest Loser. Yeah, I actually did this, but with better form.) After that mayhem, which was really hard but thanks to Insanity it was bearable, we did some ab exercises aka my super weakness. I did curls with my legs elevated on a balance ball, rows in a V-position and then plank. On the last set of holding a plank position, I was timed on how long I could hold it. Before that, Joe and I were talking about the mental blocks we have that hold us back when working out. So I really thought about that when I was in the plank. Keep in mind this was the absolutely last thing I had to do that day. I was tired, I was sweaty, but I still had swagger. I got in to the plank position, play Hotel California in my head to block out my thoughts about how tired and awful I felt, and held it for 54 seconds. I felt awesome.

My conversation with Joe about mind over body reminded me of how much more control I have over my mental battle with eating than I used to. When I was big, I would eat no matter what. When I was done with a meal, I would already be planning what I would be eating next. Iletfood control my life. I absolutely didn’t need to eat that much to survive, but that side of my brain had so much control over my life. When I was in the plateau for the past few months, I was creeping back to that. I was okay with eating those fries or eating that cake, because I felt I deserved it. You don’t eat because you’re rewarding yourself. We’re not seals at Sea World, we don’t do tricks for food. We are suppose to eat for survival. Now do I love a good meal with friends or with my wife? Absolutely! But it shouldn’t come at the cost of my health. Anyway, I felt I like I learned a lot about myself today in the gym. I’m in a good place right now.

Lunch: When I got home, I blasted some Floggin’ Molly (after all, it is St. Paddy’s Day!) and made some lunch. I microwaved two Bocca burgers with a little cheese in between and made a delicious double pattie cheeseburger. I also had some Cape Cod chips with a glass of chocolate milk. It was epic and only 8 points!

For a snack I had some chips and salsa. Another delicious 3 points.







Dinner: I was jonesin’ for some protein to reload after the past couple days of new exercises, plus I wanted to eat some of the random stuff in our freezer. Win-Win baby! (My omage to Dick Vitale) So, I cooked up a chicken breast, then boiled some ravioli and topped it with some spicy spaghetti sauce. It was easily the most delicious thing I have ever cooked (except for burgersaurus, remind me to explain in my next video.) Dinner was about19 points.I know a little high, but I could tell my body needed the calories to reload.

So today I got to37 points.I had about 10 workout points so I am good! Not too shabby.

This week was a good for rebuilding. I didn’t crash and burn during the second half of the week like I have been which is super huge. I’m really curious to see what the scale will have to say about it. See ya tomorrow.


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