Day 535: Monday Stuff!

A lot to do. Not much time. Let’s get crackin!

Breakfast: Wafflewich. You know it’s how I roll.

Lunch: I had a little time to go home for lunch today so I went home and hung out with my sick wifey (no bueno.) I had some veggie tenders (Morning Star Chik’n Tenders) and some tomato soup. We also had a little WW sundae. It was epic.

Snack: During class, my friend Lauren brought some brownies for her birthday (Happy Birthday Lauren!) and she offered me on. Not gonna lie, the brownie I had was delicious. The sugar in it kept me awake in class. After class I had chips and salsa. A dieters best friend!

Dinner: We made some penne pasta with the leftover spicy marinara and some ground turkey. It was delicious.

So that’s about it today. I know, intriguing right. That’s my Monday for ya. I’ll be less boring tomorrow (actually, there is no way I can promise that.) See ya tomorrow.

P.S. in lieu of a lackluster post, here is an awesome video I did for my Visual Media class in undergrad. Yeah, I look a little different now… Okay, NOW I’ll see ya tomorrow.



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