Day 539: Saturday Soreness

I’m sore. My body feels like lead. Know why I don’t mind? Because it’s not from carrying around 357 pounds. Boom.

(I should just stop right there, the post is all downhill from here…)


I’m super sorry I didn’t post on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, I hadanotherfriend that I haven’t seen in nine years come through and stay with a mutual friend! (If you ever want people to come visit you, move to Florida. Lie and tell them you’ll take them to the beach where they can swim on some dolphins.) Anyway, so on Friday we randomly ended up going to a late IMAX showing of the Hunger Games. The movie was really good, it stuck really close to the books overall, but the cinematography gave me really bad motion sickness. Little known fact about me, I left the theater when I sawCloverfieldclose to 10 times because I thought I was going to die. I still don’t know what that movie is about, a large parrot or something?

SO… With that all being said, today was pretty good! Had a killer workout this morning and then did homework by the pool. Pretty hard to beat… although I do miss winter, since it didn’t exist this year. I blame Al Gore.

Breakfast: Before this morning’s training session, I had a wafflewich. It’s good, and it’s good for you! (Name that movie.)

SAWS!: So Megan and I have personal training at the same time on Saturdays. When we got to Leach this morning, we found out that Joe and Megan’s trainer Greg decided to pair up today for a cardio circuit of doom. The circuit included: ropes, medicine ball slams, chest presses with resistance bands and last but certainly not least: box jumps. Today, I did my first ever box jump… ever. I was in athletics for 6 years and I was never able to do them. Joe the Trainer, being the shaman of swagger that he is, kept reminding me that it was all mental. Then I did one, then another, then another, then another… well you get the idea. After four rotations of that, (yeah, we weren’t done after that…) we did abs. My favorite. Ab crunches on a ball, ab twists, and then planks. It was beastly. After we were done, we both felt awesome.

Lunch: Needless to say that after that fun mess, we were hungry. So later we decided to go to Earth Fare for lunch! They have an awesome lunch deal: half a sandwich, a cup of soup and a bowl of fruit for $5! Today I had their ultimate grilled cheese that had brie, pamento, and some other delicious dairy, a cup of tomato basil soup and a great bowl of strawberries and pineapple. I know I’ve said this before, but if you want to convert to organic but are still skeptical, smell and eat organic fruit compared to conventional. The difference is ridiculous.



Dinner: Tonight, I fired up the grill for some grilled chicken and veggie awesomeness. We bought some chicken thighs, seasoned them with a few special ingredients and then threw them on the grill along with some veggies. If you are a grillmaster apprentice like me and you want to cook veggies, I would suggest a nifty basket like mine. I have the Kingsford version and it has held up really well since I bought it!

So today was a pretty good Saturday. School and life are about to get interesting, so the calm before the storm is kind of nice. Tomorrow is weigh in. It has been an uneven week, but if anything, next week will be better. No matter what the scale says, I worked out super hard four times this week which is better than I have been. There is definitely some to be said for that. See ya tomorrow.


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