Day 541: Redemption Monday

So yesterday was bad. I ate 4 bowls of cereal and 3 slices of pizza. It was rough. I’m not really sure what the deal was. Today, I knew that I needed to do better. And. I. Rocked. It!!!!

I was really proud of how I did. It’s proof that you can have bad days in your weight loss journey (they are bound to happen) and then you can bounce right back and do well the next day. My advice is to let yourself be a little wompy, then brush that dirt off your shoulder, and get back at it! Alright, let’s talk food.

Breakfast: I was running a little late this morning, so I threw two waffles in the toaster and well all nom nom on them on the way to work. They were only 3 points. It was a surprisingly filling breakfast. It held me over for at least a couple of hours which was impressive because I was full as I usually am with a 7 point breakfast. I really need to figure out my breakfast plan of attack. Maybe more fruits like bananas…

Lunch: So here is where the real turning point of the day weight loss wise happened. I didn’t bring a lunch with me and I had already been up to the vending machine in Westcott (it’s really hidden, like the Secret Garden, except without the sick kid) and bought a granola bar. I knew if that was my going to be my only lunch, I would end up eating something I would regret later in the day. So, I got on the Jimmy John’s website, took a look at their sandwich builder thingy, and started to play around to find a sandwich that wouldn’t dominate my points and/or my waistline. I came across the Turkey Tom which, without the mayo, is really low in fat! I decided to add their avocado spread for my condiment and went with that. It was only 331 calories and 1.5 grams of fat! That was only 7 points! Way better than what I usually get there and I was just as full. If you go to Jimmy John’s, definitely play around with their sandwich builder. You will be shocked the difference a few simple modifications will do to cut your calories. (The mayo alone is 193 calories and 21 grams of fat!)



Snack: I ended up eating that granola bar this afternoon because I was going to eat dinner until around 8ish. It held me over really well. In answer to your question, yes, this was taken in class and yes, I was caught by Deborah and Lauren when I was taking it. You caught me girls!4 points.

Snack: Before I started dinner, I had a small bowl of corn flakes. At that point I was pretty hungry. Am I the only one who likes their corn flakes a little soggy? Not mushy, but to the point the wet to crunchy ratio is high? Just curious. 3 points.




Dinner: Tonight, Megan taught me how to make that delicious Creamy Stovetop Mac n’ Cheese that she makes every once in a while! When we were at World Market last week (aka our second home) I found these Adventures of TinTin pasta that were shaped like different forms of transportation. The giant bag was on clearance for 75 cents so I had to get it! So, if you were like me growing up (yes, I am only talking to those who were obese children who lived on the snowy plains of Canada) our family didn’t get the mac n’ cheese shaped like cool things. We were an elbow family. In fact, come to think of it, the only time I can remember eating cool-shaped mac n’ cheese was when we went to our friend’s house and they had Mario shaped noodles. It’s incredibly sad that I still remember that. I’m making it sound like I grew up in the book Angela’s Ashes. What the crap am I talking about? Oh yeah… ANYWAY! We made our mac n’ cheese with the cool shapes and I felt like a kid again. It was just as good as I always imagined. For a serving and a half and a glass of dark chocolate almond milk, dinner was 11 points.

So that was today. I got to 28 points exactly! Hooray! I’m back on track, and it feels great. See ya tomorrow.



5 thoughts on “Day 541: Redemption Monday

  1. I was a fat kid raised on the plains of cana-dada. Ok. MOUNTAINS. But whatever. They’re just bumpy plains.

    We had those noodles that looked like wheels. I am pretty jealous of your train noodles though. I saw bicycle noodles once.

    OH the exciting shaped-noodle lives we lead.

  2. Good comeback! I had an awful food day yesterday, but today was so much better! And OMG I want those fun pasta shapes! I always want to buy fun pasta but I never actually see it anywhere… lol.

  3. Rick: Thanks man! You’re doing awesome too! I have a pair of 38’s that I can wear too! I’m aiming to look good in them by the summer. Keep up the awesome work.

    L: I’m glad to hear we are Canadian kindred spirits! When I moved to Texas when I was 8 everyone was like “so you grew up in the mountains huh?” and I would have to explain that I lived in the flat plains of Saskatchewan. Then they would be confused lol.

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