Day 547: April Fools Weigh In!

Gather ’round young children and hear the tale of The Fotographing Fat Kid!

Okay, I’m back. It was a very long and stressful week; sadly the fun has just begun. I am now on the homestretch of grad school. 28 days until I walk across the stage (I wonder who my commencement speaker will be… I’m hoping for Oprah or Al Roker. OR the greatest Seminole of them all: Burt Reynolds.) Anyway, there is a lot to do in 40,320 minutes and it is going to be a strain on my weight loss. Have you may have noticed (for those of you who are doing content analyses on my eating habits) I have eaten out a crapton the past few weeks which may have been to the lack of counting points. Well, my awesome dietary architect of wife has created a two week rotation of meals to cook to minimize the amount of eating out ergo better use of points ergo more weight loss! Hooray! As you’ll see in a bit, we know how to cook delicious comfort food for less calories. (All the comfort food without the greasy Southern Old Woman taste)

So I was actually not too bad this week. Dare I say I was good. But I think my intense Saturday morning workouts are skewing my weigh in numbers a little bit. Yesterday I actually cramped up in the middle of a station of the circuit I was doing. Joe the Trainer said I need to rehydrate more. It was shocking because I have always been the promoter of clear pee, but I guess I need to work on that. Anyway, whether that’s the case I don’t know, but what I do know is that I had a body comp test done on Thursday and I found out that I only have a 23.8% body fat count! Last semester I was at 33%! 23.8% is like borderline obese/acceptable! It feels so great to be far away from morbidly obese. This is so awesome! Finding that out gave me a lot of confidence to keep at it this week. Although my quads and glutes are more sore than ever, I have did awesome things for my body this week and I’m going to keep that trend alive! OKAY! So back to the weigh in, I lost 1 pound exactly. I’ll definitely take a loss and I almost made up for last week’s gain (by .2. Close enough) So now I’m back to 120 pounds lost. It’s a pretty awesome feeling. If I could get to 125 pounds lost by graduation I would flip. April is going to be a month of work. No foolin’.

Breakfast: this morning I had two waffles and a little peanut butter. Then at church, my good pal Julie made some delicious pumpkin muffins so I had two. They were epic! Thanks for being awesome Julie!

Lunch: So the plan was to go home and eat leftovers, but since we haven’t been to the grocery store in a while, we didn’t have any leftovers to eat. So instead, we ended up going to Bandido’s for lunch since it is about as cheap as eating at home. I had the chicken burrito with their legendary chips and salsa. They are even more cheap from 4:20-7:20 everyday when they have $1 tacos that are the size of your head. Today I realized that I need to start eating like I am 235 and not 275. I’m still eating the same portion sizes that I was half a year ago. They way my diet is, I should be able to eat two tacos and be fine because that’s within my points. Has anyone else had that issue when they have lost weight?

Snack: Megan made homemade lattes and then after grocery shopping she made pineapple floats (just like at Magic Kingdom! I’M SOOOO READY TO GO TO DISNEY WORLD AGAIN!!!!) She is awesome.

Dinner: Tonight, Megan made the Oven “Fried” Chicken out of the WW cookbook with some mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts (which is a new favorite in the MacDonald household.) Anyway, all April Fooling aside, it may have been the best meal I have ever eaten (except for when we went to The Salt Lick with my parents and our awesome friends Scott and Tabitha last June. Sorry Megan, but you know thatTexas BBQ will always be the great equalizer in our marriage.) The chicken was perfectly not-fried-but-tasted-fried, the mashed potatoes had the perfect amount of lumpiness and the brussel sprouts were cooked to perfection. AND IT WAS A FREAKIN’ DIET MEAL! Everything was light! For those of you who think you have to sacrifice taste for calories, you are dead wrong. While you do have to get creative every once in a while, the benefits are astronomical.

So that’s all I have for tonight. It was a rejuvenating Sunday for my weight loss journey and for me. It’s a new week with new obstacles. Bring it on. See ya tomorrow.


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