Day 549: Tuesday Twists

I’m burnt out on life. So close, yet so far from graduation and… who knows what’s next. Hooray for ambiguity.

Today I was in a weird place with food. I ate okay things but went a little overboard with snacks. I’m ready to get in to the gym tomorrow and torch some calories. Alright it’s past my bed time. Let’s get this going.

Breakfast: Wafflewich again. Love it.

Lunch: There is this hot dog place on campus that is a FSU classic. Today I decided to knock it off my FSU bucket list. I had a hot sausage with sauerkraut. I’m glad I’m just now finding out about this awesomeness.

Later I had some chips and salsa and then some other snacking delicious.

For dinner we made some delicious chili.

Then I snacked some more. Lame.

Tomorrow will be better. See ya tomorrow.


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