Day 556: Tuesday Town! (Like Taco Town But Better)

(In case you didn’t get the reference…)


Why hello everyone! I am in between paragraphs of this ginormous case study I am working on so I thought now would be a got of time as any to update you on life.

But a few things first!

First of all, I have surpassed the 150 Likes mark on my Facebook page! Hooray! Congrats to member No. 150: Paula! Thanks for reading and being such an awesome supporter of the blog. I also need to thank Keith (Like No. 149) for letting me now we were that close to such awesomeness! [Insert shameless Facebook page plug here] if you aren’t a Liker? (is that it?) yet on Facebook, stop by and like the page. There is always something funny, helpful or bizarre on there. We have something for everyone. (You’re still here? Go on! Go! Leave! And go Like the Facebook page!)


As of now, (11:04 pm) my page has 158 Likes. If I have 200 Likes by Wednesday at 10:00 pm EST, I will thank every person who likes the page by first name on my Wordless Wednesday video. Challenge accepted? Then start sharing!


Back to business. It’s Megan’s birthday! My beautiful bride is a quarter centurion while not looking a day over XXIV. Megan, even though you share with birthday with Tim Storhoff, Kraft Macaroni n’ Cheese and John Madden, you are still my favorite April 10th birth!

Food time!

Breakfast:I knew today was going to be a doozie of long day, so I went to Atomic Coffee this morning and had the Six Twenty Five sandwich without the garlic mayo. The avocado wasn’t quite ripe, but it was incredibly delicious.

Lunch: Didn’t happen. The sandwich held me over until 4:30 when my stomach decided to mosh with my other organs in defiance.

Dinner: Tonight, we decided at the last minute to go to Mellow Mushroom with our friends Catherine, Tristan and Julie to celebrate Megan’s birth of awesomeness. (Funny story, one of the first pictures of Megan and I was from her 20th birthday when were in college in Abilene. I’ll go on a Facebook scavenger hunt and put it in Wordless Wednesday tomorrow.) Anyway, tonight was $5 calzone night and the waitress suggested adding pepperoni to that bad boy. I had to try it and it was magical. I’ll probably never do it again (the whole extra calories thing) but since I hadn’t really eaten anything at that point, it was worth a shot. Our table also split the bruschetta plate which was awesome too.

Post Dinner: A little later after we got home, I finished off the wings from Harry’s on Sunday.

So at this point I am full. No midnight snacking for this kid. I was also proud of myself because when I went to Pitaria last night I only ate 3/4 of my pita. I realized I was full so I put a napkin over the remainder of my pita, got on my iPhone and totally forgot about the rest of it! I was really proud of myself. While I didn’t do that tonight, I’m going to really try to leave food on my plate for the remainder of the week and beyond. I need to get out of the “make sure you clean your plate” mindset. When I was a kid, I felt like that was the only thing I was good at. It’s a notion that I need to shake because waste makes waste.

Anyway, good luck on the challenge! Time to get to it! See ya tomorrow.



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