Day 562: Monday Stuff

I love to write, but I wish fate didn’t know that. You see I have a 20 page paper due on Wednesday night and my efforts have been minimized thanks to a crazy weekend . Anyway, so with that being said, I will keep this concise (the way I’ve been taught to write for the past seven years.)

In other news, I just bought a garnet and gold bow tie for graduation. This is actually happening.

Breakfast: I just had two waffles with peanut butter and a cut up banana. Awesomeness.

Lunch: We were lucky to both be home at the same time for lunch today so Megan decided to make a delicious lunch. A while back, our awesome friend Andrea suggested to try gnocchi some time. So we took some of our fresh basil and rosemary from our herb garden, added a little olive oil and garlic and created a beautiful masterpiece of deliciousness. It was only six points which is not bad at all! We then split some pineapple. It was a super filling lunch!

Snack and stuff: After my last Korzenny class ever 😦 I stopped by Megan’s Old Time Ensemble just to say hi. Little did I know that Sarah the Stud had made her grandma’s carrot cake recipe. It was fantastic. I also had two little sandwich rolls and then a few rice krispy treats. Yum.

Dinner: Tonight, I tried a Healthy Choice sweet and spicy chicken. I was so impressed with how good it was! Then consensus is that Healthy Choice meals are a gamble at the beginning.

So overall, today was really good! I was good with my food and I ate my share of fruits and veggies. Good times. See ya tomorrow.




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