Day 563: A Random Post That Has Nothing to do With Weight Loss

I know, I know. I should be writing about Mayo and Weick right now, but if I have to write one more sentence of this paper, my soul will officially be sucked out of my body (good thing I’m not feeling melodramatic or anything.) Anyway, so I made a Finals Montage Music playlist on Spotify and I ask for song suggestions. The best (or at least the most obscure) was “Knuck if you Buck” by the christian band Crime Mob. (Theyre on tour with Michael W. Smith right now!) and I started to think about other awesome songs from my childhood. Then I went on YouTube (because I couldn’t find it on Spotify) and found one of my favorite songs from high school.

Yes, “This is the Way we Ball” by Lil Flip. My boy Brandon would always play it on his tuba at the end of every pep rally. It was awesome. To make things more awesome, I met Lil Flip’s lawyer at the Texas State Capitol in Austin one time. He pulled up in a Lamborghini and showed off his car. Ridiculous I know, but still true. Alright, I needed to get some creative juices out. A real blog tonight at some point. Now, time to bust out a paper that’s due in 23 hours.


3 thoughts on “Day 563: A Random Post That Has Nothing to do With Weight Loss

  1. Great Idea for your blog. I did a series when I started this journey and finally stopped the blog series and just do updates occasionally. Cant wait to read more.

    • Thanks yo!
      For me, writing is as cathartic as working out, so getting a little stress out via a silly/fun post was just what I needed. Thanks for reading!

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