Day 583: Tuesday Stuff!

This week, the Institute of Medicine has addressed the issue of The Weight of the Nation in Washington. I have been keeping track of it as much as I can and while there are some really good suggestions being made like making school lunches better and encouraging mayors to create healthy initiatives for their cities, some of the rational behind this conference is a bit skewed. Here is a quote that kind of bothered me.

“The traditional view that blames obesity on a failure of personal responsibility and individual willpower “has been used as the basis for resisting government efforts – legislative and regulatory – to address the problem,” says the report. But the IOM panel argues that people cannot truly exercise “personal choice” because their options are severely limited, and “biased toward the unhealthy end of the continuum.”

This is ridiculous. MacDonald’s, Burger King, or the Government doesn’t force feed people the last time I checked. Everyone is responsible for what they put in their bodies. You cannot blame others for these kinds of things! The issue is that people don’t want to take the extra steps to become healthy. It requires work to count calories, to buy fresh ingredients, heck to even exercise. Some people act like they want to lose weight, but they want to eat exactly the same things and not sacrifice taste. Losing weight does take work and it is absolutely worth the extra steps. Read the article and let me know what you think!

Alright, so although I didn’t post last night, I can tell you that Day One of Nathan cooking went really well! Our friends Stacy and Emma came over and they brought some Spanish Mackerel that Emma’s family caught while deep sea fishing in Destin. I fired up the grill and cooked up it. It was the first time I have grilled fish and it turned out really well!

So today I did pretty well. I didn’t bring a lunch to my work which leads to late afternoon snacking.

Breakfast: I had two servings of Kashi Honey Sunshine. It was filling and fantastic! I had a banana and a Special K bar for my morning snack.

Lunch? I had a massive bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. It was a few servings…

Snack: I was doing some freelance work so I decided to go to Starbucks for some iced coffee. As I went to sit down, there were no spots left. Since when are coffee shops so popular? Anyway, so I drove over to Panera which had plenty of seating. I sat in there with my iced coffee from Starbucks. I felt like I was loitering. Awe well.

Dinner: So for Night Two of Nathan making dinner, I made some burgers out of the grass fed beef that we bought from the farmers market on Saturday. I grilled up a chopped up jalapeno and put it on top of the burgers along with some of the mustard cheese that we bought a while back from Earth Fare. I also got some fries from Wingstop. They actually aren’t bad when you split them.

Dessert: I cut up some strawberries from the farmers market and put them on my Breyer’s ice cream. It was magical.

So overall today wasn’t bad, but it definitely could have been better. Tomorrow, I’m going to finally try to run at some point. I feel like I haven’t worked out in weeks (probably because I haven’t.) See ya tomorrow.


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