Day 585b: Thursday Again

“The Song Remains the Same” Led Zeppelin concert from Madison Square Garden in 1973 is on right now. My life is complete. I was born in the wrong decade.

Anyway, today was one of those days where you drink a lot of water, but your mouth is still dry and salty. That’s no bueno. I have been good pretty much all week, but today I might have veered off a little bit, but momma said there’d be days like this… It’s like what Lenny from The Simpsons always says “everybody makes mistakes. That’s why pencils have erasers.” He is a wise man.

Breakfast: I just had three strips of bacon and a Special K bar. No… really. I was in a rush this morning so that was all I could get as I was running out the door. Yum.

Lunch: So today, I got a lunch break and while I was talking to my friend Andrea, we both realized that she had a lunch break too! So we went to Pitaria for some Greek awesomeness. I had the gyro with the pita fries. It was magical. Somewhere in there, I had two Dove Chocolates at work which were a point a piece.

Snack: I had a little peanut butter on a toasted hamburger bun.

Dinner: Megan has been doing her comprehensive exams all week (they are like her O.W.L.S. or N.E.W.T.S. but on steroids) so we decided to  go to Mr. Roboto’s for dinner. Last time I went there, I lost nine pounds in 24 from an incredibly bad stomach bug. While I don’t know if the two were related, they curry that I ate last time did not help the situation. Anyway, I had a California roll and some rice. Megan got a side of veggies and she shared some of them with me too! Yum!

Snack: Later on, we both wanted some TCBY but to save a little money, we decided to stay home and eat some of the low fat ice cream that we had in our freezer. I just had plain vanilla with a little sugar free chocolate syrup. Good stuff.

So that’s about it for tonight. Like I said, I wasn’t perfect, but I’ll definitely be better tomorrow. Maybe even get a run in there somewhere too. See ya tomorrow.


Oh, and one more thing…



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