Day 590: Tuesday Time Stuff

Why hello!

Well I didn’t see an owl today, but I did help paint the inside of a house! This will be a brief, yet efficient, post.

For breakfast, I just had two servings of Kashi Honey Sunshine. If you haven’t had this cereal, run to the cereal store and get some!

For a snack for work I had a FiberOne bar and then ate a Chicken Suaza Smart one for lunch. It was magical. For a snack I had two fat free Fig Newtons.

As far as SAWS goes today, I helped paint three rooms in Adam and Crystal’s new house! A lot of upper body movement and other fun stuff. It was a good way to get some physical activity in while helping out!

So for most of the day I was good, but instead of eating at home we decided to grab some pizza from Gumby’s. It’s greasy, decadent, but delicious… at least when you’re eating it. Tree hours later, my mouth still tastes salty. That’s not a good sign. We ate there to save time, but in turn ate too many calories. Not the best trade off.

So that was about it for today. I promise tomorrow’s Wordless Wednesday will be better. Count on it. See ya tomorrow.


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