Day 598: That Time We Drove 904 Miles To Say Hello To My Parents

Let’s just leave for Texas.

It all started with this sentence in a text to Megan Tuesday morning. It kind of ended there and then.

Eight hours later, we packed up Malibu Stacy (our car) and were on the road to Texas. We stopped in Biloxi, MS that night and then got back in the car and drove 11 hours more to Hillsboro.

Oh yeah, did I mention that we didn’t tell my parents that we were coming to visit?

We pulled in to Hillsboro around 6:30 pm, right in the middle of Wednesday night church. I walked in to the auditorium and my dad looked at me for a solid five seconds before he realized that it was me! Then he freaked. I walked up to my mom, she turned around and immediately started to cry. It’s really hard to surprise my parents (like the time we tried to have a surprise birthday party for my dad and then he threw his hat in to the dark room full of guests about to surprise him except his hat hit a guy in the face which lead to a loud “Ouch!”) but we got them really good. We stuck around, said hi to everyone at church and then got back in to the car and drove to Waco (yes, more driving) to eat some delicious Mexican food called Chuy’s. It was fantastic.

So I have some pictures below of the trip (since I didn’t post anything along the way so I could surprise my parents. Not posting was a challenge. I’m such a social media lady of the night) but I have a few nuggets of wisdom that I learned along the trip.

  • Mobile, Alabama smells like cigarette smoke
  • Mississippi smells like a port-a-potty at the carnival
  • Rock 92.3 in New Orleans is an awesome radio station
  • Nickelback is still terrible
  • So is Creed
  • Going on a roadtrip with your boo (whoever that may be) is worth the gas money
  • If you can surprise your parents, do it

See ya tomorrow… or tonight.


3 thoughts on “Day 598: That Time We Drove 904 Miles To Say Hello To My Parents

  1. I love you guys! : ) (I realize this makes it seems as if I’m your Mom or Dad but I just love that you did this randomly! You two rule!)

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