Day 605: Thursday Time Yo!

Downton Abbey is legit. That’s all there is to it.

Can you believe that it is already almost June? Like in two hours? Ridiculousness!

It is good to be back in Tallahassee and back to normalcy… of sorts. (I wouldn’t call being pseudo unemployed normalcy, but I will take it.)Sadly though, getting back to normalcy is hard when you are still eating in vacation mode. When your use to stuffing yourself with delicious BBQ, it’s hard not to keep snacking and eating like that. But I have gotten back on the healthy eating horse again which has made my body feel a lot better. Drinking water all the time helps too! Alright, time to get to it!

Breakfast: I just had two pieces of toast with H-E-B peanut butter. When we were in Texas, we stocked up on our favorite goods like we were on the flippin’ Oregon Trail (except no one died of dysentery along the way.) It was a good 5 point breakfast.







Lunch: I had a 4 point Chinese chicken Smart One. It was okay, but as you can tell, I wasn’t thrilled with it. I think I’m going to hold off eating them for a while. I can get more bang for my point’s buck. For a snack, I had a 2 point FiberOne bar and a 1 point Dove chocolate from B-Ray’s office.

When I got home, I had a 3 point Al Fresco Italian sausage left over from last night (I’m going to talk about all of the awesome things I got from Al Fresco soon in a review post!)







Dinner: For dinner, we tried out these new Al Fresco Buffalo Style Chicken Burgers. We are both fans of spicy food so we were excited to try these bad boys out! They were really easy to grill (5 minutes on each side) and they taste amazing! We topped them with a bleu cheese broccoli slaw that Megan made from a Skinny Taste recipe. She also made these sweet potato fries with a chipotle seasoning. Dinner was only 9 points between the 4 point patty and the 3 point bun. I’ll talk more about that later on! Get stoked!









Dessert: Megan made this Better’n Peanut Butter pie that was flippin awesome! Especially with a hot cup of press pot coffee. Only 5 points a slice. More about Better’n Peanut Butter later on. Get stoked… Again!

So today I got to around 29 points which is pretty impressive! Between all of that and eating a bunch of fruit, it was a pretty good day! Now off to do some sit ups. See ya tomorrow.








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