Day 607: Saturday Time!

My glutes hurt so much. That’s all that needs to be said about that.

Yesterday, I went back for a second helping of craziness at Bootcamp Fitness. Laurel wasn’t there so DK, another instructor, gave us the business. A alot of planks, a lot of pushups and a lot of running. All within this warehouse of awesomeness. It felt awesome to work out again. I’m really glad I went. Being sore feels right.

Alright, so today was pretty good food wise. I know a lot of people say it, but fruits and vegetables are the best thing that has ever happened to weight loss. Your body just feels better when you snack on celery and bananas. Give it a shot sometime!

So this morning I slept through breakfast. That’s what Saturdays are for right?

Lunch: When I first got up, I had a banana and then we made some salads for lunch! Instead of some heavy dressing, Megan suggested to use seasoned rice vinegar. It was awesome! It’s really light and has a little sweetness to it. It went well with the salad of sliced turkey breast, cucumbers, green bell peppers and romaine lettuce. It was no Jason’s Deli but man was it close. 4 points. 









Snack: I said a while back that I was going to hold off on froyo after I went to a self served place and created a 20-something point yogurt monster. Today, we went to TCBY and decided to get a pre-portioned sized froyo treat. I got the kid’s sized cup of mocha almond. It wasn’t a ton but it was enough. Like a lot of people, I will eat whatever is on my plate, but I don’t miss it if it’s not on my plate (does that make any sense?) so having a small 2 point treat was perfect.









Snack: later in the afternoon, I had some Fage fat free yogurt with honey. It was awesome and the best thing to eat to hold me over until dinner. Yumtastic. It was only 3 points and then I had 1 point of these really good white cheddar cheesy poofs we got at Central Market while in Texas.









Dinner: We haven’t really grocery shopped since we have gotten back so we decided to go to Chick-Fil-A since we both had a good amount of points. (Not to mention that we haven’t been to the good ol’ CFA in a loooooooong time.) I had the 8 piece chicken nuggets combo meal which was just as awesome as I could remember. To make things more awesome, it was customer appreciation night and they were giving away a four pack of their breakfast chicken minis. (Nuggets in these delicious little biscuits.) While the free four pack was good, that didn’t mean they were free points. Dinner was 21 points and 8 points of that were those little “freebies.” The moral of the story is that free food isn’t worth the cost.

So today I got to 31 points which is only 3 points over. So tomorrow I get back on the scale. I’m sure it won’t be pretty, but I’m in a really good place with my exercise and weight loss which means I’ll be back in the saddle again. I’m also looking at running a 10k in a few months. Having a goal to train for will make it easier to work out. See ya tomorrow.


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