Day 617: Chip Reed’s Here Edition

Why Hello!

I’ll keep this brief tonight, because I have a big day full of awesomeness ahead tomorrow!

Breakfast: I just had toast with a tablespoon of peanut butter. Yumtastic.

Lunch: I had the best leftovers ever for lunch: not fried fried chicken with acre peas! Then I had a rice krispy treat, a serving of almonds and a Special K bar that found deep in the bowels of my lunchbox.

When I got home, I had some cobbler, some lunch meat and a handful of chips. I need to figure out a way to avoid that kind of snack (except the lunchmeat is a really good snack option because it tastes fantastic and it’s super filling!)






Chip Reed Here:(That’s how he answers his phone because he’s a legend.) One of my good friends from grad school, the legendary Chip Reed, came down from Virginia  for the week. So tonight, we all got together at Alex’s parent’s house for a cookout to catch up and reminisce the good ol’ days of grad school. Alex’s parents made an awesome spread with some delicious fruits and veggies along with Mrs. Swanson’s classic monster cookies! It was a great dinner and I made sure to eat my share of fruits and veggies to fill me up. Awesomeness!


So that was it for today. It was a good one. Get ready for an awesome Wordless Wednesday! See ya tomorrow.


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