Day 622: Finally a Post and a Weigh In!

It feels like I haven’t posted in forever. (Oh yeah, that’s because I haven’t.)

So today was Father’s Day and I have to thank my Dad for everything he has done for me. He has worked hard every day of my life to support me and my family. If I didn’t have a Dad like him, I don’t know where I would be today. Thank you Dad. I love you.

Alright, so this was kind of a weird week. I was pretty good for the majority of the week. Yeah, I wasn’t posting my points online, but I was still was counting to make sure I was on the right track. Then, my “conscience” was nagging at me to post them which was a little weird and threw me off a little. I know my “conscience” meant well, but it still odd. (Look at my last Monday post in the comments to see what I’m talking about.) I know I’m not perfect, but I’m going what I can to keep at it. And I am going to do what I can to count my points to optimize my weight loss awesomeness. I’m going to be even better this week because I’m back in the weight loss saddle again. I lost 1.6 pounds this week! So I am down to 240.8 which is about 5 pounds away from where I was before our trip! I’m getting there! Let the awesomeness continue!

Breakfast: I had a bowl of Special K Strawberry which was not too shabby!

Lunch: After church, Megan and I went to Momo’s for pizza the size of our heads. I had the Big Meaty (or whatever it was called.) Awesomeness.

Dinner:This afternoon, we went over to our friends Jacob and Emily’s house to chill by the pool and have dinner (along with that Andrea person.) We had grilled chicken with Emily’s delicious potatoes along with some squash and corn. Then Megan made her awesome blackberry cobbler! Needless to say that you should be jealous of our cookout. It was awesome.

So that’s about it for the day. This week is going to be good.

Oh yeah, I’m going to run a half marathon in July 2013. Get stoked.

See ya tomorrow.


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