Day 623: Dear Conscience

So I am writing this while working on some other stuff so this is going to be brief.

Here we go.

Conscience, whomever you are, you were right. Counting points is important. I always knew it was, but it really is hard at this point in the game. Or maybe I’m just telling myself it’s too hard to give myself excuses. Today was an eye-opener. I super went over my points because I hadn’t realized how far I had went over until it was close to 10 pm. As I was reaching for a snack, I finally tallied it all up and it was bad. I ate 39 points worth of stuff today. The worst part was that I was pretty good yesterday (I mean, not excellent but still pretty good) and I wasn’t hungry throughout the day and it felt like I had eaten less. Snacking is just an issue for me right now. When I get off work, all I want to do is come home, have a bowl of cereal and watch something awesome on Nexflix (such as Workaholics. I love that show. It’s a 21st century adaptation of Office Space except more illicit activities.)

So Conscience, you were right. Thanks for keeping me honest. Today really opened my eyes to what I should be doing. I know that Weight Watchers works, it has gotten me pretty far. Time to keep at it and lose some weight this week! P.S. let me know who you are Conscience! Let’s talk.

See ya tomorrow.

(Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand this is the coolest picture I have ever accidentally taken)


One thought on “Day 623: Dear Conscience

  1. Life is life and no one is perfect. Motivation can only be processed by you; however often inspired by others, you can inspire yourself. Look at your “Weight Loss Summary”, what is different now from weeks 1-41? Counting points, yes definitely… but motivation? support? What are you missing now that you had during those weeks that made you so successful?

    Yes, it is hard, but knowing that you have already done it, can be motivation to do it again and keeping it going. Easier said than done, of course. I have been there.

    You don’t know me, but you have been my inspiration in the past to get myself motivated–I simply thought that I would “pay it forward” with a swift kick in the ass. The truth sometimes hurts, but realizing your own potential and having thoughts that stick in your head and “hound you” to do better…sometimes the hurt is worth it.

    I look forward to the day when I can say “I have lost 100 lbs”. I read your blog every day and know the feeling of justifying “yesterday was pretty good” or “yesterday was rock bottom”. I know the the feeling of coming home from work and wanting to crawl into bed with chocolate & peanut butter and catch up on the DVR. Old habits die hard.

    So together, let’s start from the beginning of the journey with the simplest part. Count points.

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