Day 624: Tuesday!

Watching my Noles play some baseball. I could care less about the NBA right now. I can only listen to Jeff Van Gundy pine over the Heat so much before I want to take a power drill to my temple.

But I digress.

Day two of counting points was a big success. I felt like I was back in control of my eating. I am still working on my issue of eating out of boredom though. After work, that’s all you want to do so that time between getting off work and dinner is prime boredom eating time. I need to start playing tiddlywinks or something to keep me occupied.

Breakfast: Megan and I went to Bruegger’s Bagels for some breakfast awesomeness. I had the cinnamon sugar bagel it is the most amazing thing in the universe. It was only 6 points so I was off to a good start.

Lunch: I just had a Chicken Suaza SmartOne which was… you know… a SmartOne. 6 points

Snack: When I got home, I was relatively good! I had some delicious cherries and then a 2 point peanut butter one bread sandwich. 

SAWS: Since Florida is awesome, we went to the pool to soak up the sun (not like Sheryl Crow) and to get my swim on. I did some treading using just my arms and then swam a few laps, but it’s not a big pool so laps is a relative term. (Photo credit to Megan.)


Megan made this awesome pizza using the Jiffy pizza-in-a-box that’s only 54¢ at Walmart! She put peppers, elephant garlic we bought from the farmer’s market, tomatoes, fresh basil and turkey pepperoni. It was epic and 10 points for two slices. Fantasticness.

So now, I’m chewing on some gum to stave off the late night hunger. Today, I got to 24 points which is awesome! See ya tomorrow.


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