Day 637: Let’s Catch Up Shall We? Edition

So the time between last Wordless Wednesday and now has been a whirlwind. I’m talking “Auntie Em! Auntie Em! It’s a twister! It’s a twister!” awesome craziness.

On Friday, I was offered the media specialist position in the Office of Admissions at The Florida State University! It has always been my dream to work in higher education in some capacity and especially for my childhood dream school: Florida State. (For more on my affinity for FSU, click here.)

Since then, I have been incredibly giddy about this new chapter in my life. It’s my first “grown up” job! I know it will be a challenge, but hey, I like a good challenge 😉

Speaking of awesome challenges, sorry about the lack of posting last night. We hung out with our friends Stacy and Julie all day yesterday talking about life, love and other mysteries. (Whoever gets that obscure reference will get a gold star.) We also celebrated Canada Day. The only day that I celebrate my Canadian roots (other then the Winter Olympics.) Anyway, I was good last week overall and it paid in the end. I lost 5.2 pounds this week!!! I haven’t lost that much in a long time. I think my body has been in a stressful state during this whole job hunt so now that I have some direction, my body won’t be as out of whack as it has been. So now I’m back down to 238.4 and I’m happy to be back out of the 240’s. I’m going to be good this week so I can lose some weight. I have been stuck in the 230’s/240’s for a long time so I feel like when I finally get in to the 220’s, my body will start to really change. I’m ready for that. I’m also ready to get back in to the gym. If anything for the air conditioning.

This is all I have for now. More later tonight. See ya later.


3 thoughts on “Day 637: Let’s Catch Up Shall We? Edition

  1. “Life, love, and other mysteries. You know my future you know my history. I find in you all I ever need to knooooowww, about life and love and other mysteries!” =P (Do I get a gold star???)

    Keep up the good work!!! You’re doing so well, and CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR JOB!!!! I know what a weight is lifted off when you finally secure a job. So good!!!!

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