Day 640: Thursday Trials and Stuff

Jeff Daniels is my hero. Just throwing that out there.

So far, this week has felt like a disaster in regards to weight loss. Last week, I was able to drop 5 pounds while this week it feels like I have been swimming in sodium, fat and calories.

Yesterday, Megan and I went to Chili’s for dinner since we were in between 4th of July activities. I figured only eating half of a burger and fries (I literally counted out the fries) would be okay. Little did I know I was eating something that was 19 points for only half. That is just plain ridiculous.

To make things more complicated, last week I was playing basketball and my knee collided with another knee which created a ginormous bruise. It still hurts to walk a little and my nurse/mom said it might not be the best for it which has made running out of the question for now. Needless to say this sucks. It feels like a mulligan week, a week to reset and pick up where I left off next Sunday. Weight loss life is like this sometimes. Either way, I have had some awesome times with awesome friends this week which counts for a lot. I guess we’ll see how this all goes.

Moving on to today…

Breakfast: I started out the day with peanut butter and toast. A MacDonald staple.

Lunch: I was in a rush this morning so I threw together a wrap with deli meat and this artichoke spread. Between that and some almonds held me over surprisingly well.

Snack: I met up with Megan and our friend Catherine (aka the Youtube sensation The Maddest Cat) at Starbucks. I had the classic Dirty Coffee (iced coffee with non fat milk and a pump of mocha) which hit the spot.

Dinner: For dinner, Megan made the best batch of mac n’ cheese ever. No words can describe it’s awesomeness other than the word “yum.”

Snack: Megan and I went to cheap theater in Tallahassee (which is surprisingly nice!) and saw the animated Pirates movie so we split a small bag of popcorn.

So that’s all there is to the week. It has been fun (really fun) but it’s just one of those weeks.

See ya tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Day 640: Thursday Trials and Stuff

  1. I had a seriously disappointing weigh in on Sunday, but I am aware of what caused it. I ate almost everything I ate on Saturday night at 830pm, and it was all still hanging around come Sunday morning.

    Everyone has a bad week sometimes. Just don’t make it a habit and you’ll be fine. 🙂

    • That’s a great point Deb. Not making a habit of it is the key. I had really good habits last week so I know what to do, but it’s been one of those weeks. Thanks for the support!

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