Day 643: Weigh In Day

So this week was kind of crazy. It’s hard when you have a holiday in the middle of the week and a lot of celebrating America’s awesomeness in there.

It was a tough week with food and I ended up gaining 2.4 pounds. Am I mad? Yes. But with that has created a fire under my feet to really get at it. My last weigh in was so inspiring. I see this week as a hiccup and a time to move on. As you’ll see, today has been awesome food wise. Get stoked… for my food pictures.

Breakfast: I just had the good ol’ 4.5 points of peanut butter and toast. Yumtastic.

Lunch: After church, some of the Young Pros went to Pho7 for some Vietnamese deliciousness. Megan and I split an order of egg rolls and then I had the beef pho. You would think that I wouldn’t make it so spicy with siriacha and jalapenos after how many times I have eaten it, but you’d be wrong. Nothing like a good sweat while you eat. 15 points 

Snack: Later in the afternoon, I was getting kind of hungry, but I wanted to avoid a carb/fattening snack. So, I had a banana and a tablespoon of peanut butter. It was the perfect afternoon snack! 2.5 points






Dinner: We hadn’t gone grocery shopping yet so we decided to hit up Bandido’s for dollar tacos. I had the chicken with hot sauce. 6 points. 









Movie Snack: We decided to watch the original TRON and we were both looking for a snack. I decided to broil two FlatOut flatbreads in the oven and then broke them up. It was almost like eating chips! It would have been perfect if I had some sort of dip, but it totally worked. And since two flatbreads was only 2 points it was totally worth it.

So today I got to 30 points which isn’t bad at all! I can’t wait for this week and all of the awesomeness that will ensue.

NSV: I am going to post my awesome non-scale victory on The Fotographing Fat Kid Facebook Page at midnight tonight! (Eastern) Head over there, Like the page and enjoy! See ya tomorrow. 


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