Day 644: Monday Time People

Why hello!

So today was a little different than planned with the food, but that’s how that goes sometimes right?

I don’t think it was necessarily horrible, but I realized that all you can eat places are not good for me. More on that in a bit.

Breakfast: I woke up this morning to the beautiful aroma of pancakes wafting through the house. Yes, my wife is awesome. I had five silver dollar pancakes with a little maple syrup. It was a nice surprise at 6:30 in the morning. Awesomeness.
Surprise!: During the weekly Monday morning meeting, Jill the Boss brought some mini cupcakes to celebrate my departure. (Does that mean they were celebrating me leaving?) Anyway, they were intensely sugary but awesome.
Lunch at The Suwannee Room: My friend Juan wanted to go to lunch to celebrate my leaving. (Seriously, are people just happy for me to leave?)

Anyway, I haven’t been to a college cafeteria since the good ol’ days in The World Famous Bean. (Yes, that was the name of our old food trough at Abilene Christian.) I have only been to one other All-You-Can-Eat joint since my weight loss journey began and that was for a birthday party. I didn’t anticipating it being a challenge, but it was. Growing up, eating at an AUCE was a place to get your moneys worth. I didn’t get that mentality from anything that a parent had said, it is just the inherent nature of the buffet, plus I wanted to try out what they had. I ended up eating a burger, a slice of pepperoni pizza, two chicken kabobs, two small glasses of skim milk, three slices of watermelon and two chocolate chip cookies. Yeah, that’s quite a bit of food. The scary thing is is that I wasn’t super full after. It all goes back to eating what is in front of you. I would have been fine with the Chicken Suaza I had in the fridge at work, but I was also fine with all of that food. Now don’t get me wrong, the food was really good and the Suwannee Room kind of looks like Hogwarts, but I’m just not that disciplined. Which sucks, because it’s only $7.99! If I could hold myself to a burger, a salad and some watermelon, it wouldn’t be that bad. At this point though, I still have some things to work out until then.

Dinner With The Wolf: (Any time I write The Wolf, I imagine Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction. Sorry Andrea, but you are no Harvey K.) So for dinner, Megan made some awesome split pea soup. It was awesome and super filling! Then, Megan also made this faux cookie dough dip with chickpeas. I know it might sound weird, but us three all loved it! (Unless Andrea was just being polite…)

So like I said, today was a little weird with food. My bruise is finally healing up so I’m going to at least go for a wog tomorrow morning. Either way it’s going to be 800,000 degrees outside so sweat will be abound. See ya tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 644: Monday Time People

  1. I hate all you can eat places because they make me feel like I’m not eating enough to justify the price (after so much practice at eating only until I’m satisfied, I can’t bring myself to eat more than that). I deal with it by telling myself that just the fact that I can try more than one dish means I’m taking advantage of the deal because at regular restaurants you only get one thing, so then I don’t feel bad for not stuffing myself. I’m definitely trying that chickpea chocolate chip dough.

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