Day 657: 50 Shades of Weight Loss

(This post has nothing to do with the book. I just wanted to be topical.)

So this has been a pretty epic week for weight loss. I was able to drop 2.2 pounds, putting me at 236.6 at this point. So far, my lowest weight has been the bottom end of 235 so I’m really going to shoot to get below that this week. Like I was saying in yesterday’s post, the doctor told me to keep doing what I’m doing: that I need to keep losing weight and to keep exercising to get in to shape. I know that if I got rid of what’s left of my hanging gut that my hips would feel much better. Today we bought matching yoga mats and a yoga DVD to help with stretching and to help start building my core muscles back to where they were when I was SAWSing it up with Joe the Trainer (miss that guy. Joe, if you read my blog, thanks for being awesome.)

While I love to run, I really want to try out some new forms of exercises. If you have a class that you really like or just something that you like doing, comment below! I want to hear what gets your SAWSing goat!

Anyway, let’s talk about food and stuff…

Breakfast: This morning, I had another heaping bowl full of delicious oatmeal with craisins, sliced almonds and brown sugar. Yumtastic.

Lunch: Today, we had a going away lunch for our good friends Stacy and Emma who are moving to Memphis next week. This was the second going away party of the weekend (last night it was our good friends Daniel and Leah) so this weekend has had a certain wompiness to it. Anyway, we went to Bandido’s Burritos and packed the joint. It was even more sentimental to us because one of the first times we went there was with Stacy and Emma so we laughed, we cried and I won a dollar by bouncing a rolled up napkin in to a cup of water. Now, today is going to be my pseudo “splurge” day since it’s my rest day. When I say “splurge” I don’t mean dominating a buffet, but just eating more calories and then being strict for the rest of the week. Anyway, I got the chicken quesadilla which was massive and delicious. I also came with black beans and rice and they were awesome! I thought they were some of the best black beans and rice I had every had (really savory) but I was the only one who thought that. So while it was delicious, I still have that “I ate a lot of sodium taste in my mouth” even though I have drank easily 100 oz of water today. I’ll try something different next time, but it was still pretty awesome. (Oh yeah, I didn’t even touch the sour cream. Small changes folks!)


Dinner: Tonight we went to Publix and bought some wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon that was on sale. For those who don’t know, I lived in Alaska for a summer as a youth ministry intern and while I was there, I ate salmon for about 70% of my meals. I flippin’ love salmon. I want to move the Northwest just so I can eat salmon and drink Starbucks every day until the day I die (where was I going with that? Oh yeah…) Anyway, Megan made this special Asian sauce that she found on Skinny Taste that is actually suppose to go on drumsticks. It turned out really well! It was spicy and delicious… dare I say spicelicious.
Speaking of spicelicious, we bought this dark chocolate that’s made with chiles and it was epic! I just had two squares and that all I could handle. Megan and I were both sweating by the end. Awesomeness.

So overall today wasn’t too shabby. I’m ready to continue this trend of healthy living and eating that we’ve got going. I’m really reading to break out of the 200’s. Heck, I’m only 36.6 pounds away! I’ve got this. See ya tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 657: 50 Shades of Weight Loss

  1. Have you tried zumba or a cardio kickboxing? both are fun workouts, but the kickboxing is good at getting frustrations out! I also enjoy Pilates to change up the pace

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