Day 661: Thursday Exercise Stuff

Hey I just met you, and this sounds crazy but here’s my blog post. Read it maybe?

So today was SAWStastic. There was a lot of exercised involved which is important to get any way you can in the day!

Breakfast: I just had two servings of my favorite standby: Kashi Go Lean! It’s the most filling cereal on the market today. (On the black market, it’s this rice pellet cereal that you can only get in North Korea.) 7 points with milk

SAWS Part 1: Today, since my job is awesome, I got to check out the FSU Walking Tour. It’s your standard awesome college campus tour except that FSU is an awesome school. Anyway, it was insanely humid so I was sweating like crazy as we traipsed across campus.

Lunch: Since Megan has been under the weather for the past few days, I brought home some Jimmy John’s for lunch. I was going to have a Beach Club for lunch, which is what I ordered, but when I got home it was something completely different with their ridiculously fattening mayo and other stuff not on a Beach Club. I was kind of frustrated about it, but geez was it delicious. It was only 12 points but that’s a lot more points than I was anticipated. That’s the plight of the eating out dieter. I also had one square of that chili chocolate which was awesome.

Dinner: Megan was able to make this delicious Skinny Taste Chicken Enchilada Soup. One serving was only 5 points so I had 2 delicious servings with some cheese and sour cream. It was around 12 points. 









SAWS: Today was our running day at Godby! Luckily, it had rained and cooled off everything by around 7. I was suppose to run three miles so I ran one mile to try to calibrate my Nike+, then I took it easy the second mile and then on the third mile, I decided to really push myself. On the third mile, I sprinted the straights and jogged the curves. It was exhausting since it was my last mile of the day. I ran a 8:53 mile! That was the second fastest mile I have ever ran. The fastest was 8:40 during the Trick or Trot last October and that was my first mile. I think if I can push myself like that from now on, I could really build my endurance to crank out some awesome run times.

When we got home, we did some yoga and it felt magnificent. I also had a about 3 points of peanut butter and a banana. IT was also magnificent, but for a different reason.

So that’s about all I got for today. It was pretty good stuff. See ya tomorrow.


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