Day 664: Weigh In Day of Epicness!

What up everybody!!!

Sorry I have been on kind of a blogging hiatus this week. Between watching Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira painfully explain the Opening Olympics like those annoying friends we all have and hanging out with friends, we have been keeping pretty busy this weekend.

So today, I have finally broken through the my 235 barrier that I have been fighting with since November of last year. 2012 has been a rough year for weight loss; there have been a lot of ups and downs, plateaus and just wanting to give up. I have finally hit my stride though! I have been doing a running regiment and I have been working on strengthening my core with yoga, not to mention really watching what I eat through out the week. (A lot of that has can be attributed to not eating out as much and just plain eating less.) So this week, I was able to pull a sick number. I lost 3.4 pounds this week!!!!! I have lost 7.8 pounds in three weeks! I am down to 233.2 which is the lowest I have weighed since… I don’t know… probably 5th grade. It’s an awesome feeling and I’m ready to blast in to the 220’s pretty soon. (Hey, it’s Doctor’s orders!)

Breakfast: This morning I have two pieces of toast with peanut butter. Nothing special but still delicious.

Lunch: After church, we went with some of our friends to this place called Azu. We knew it was going to be a buffet so we had prepared ourselves to eat right while we were there. Overall, I did alright! I avoided everything fried (except a crab ragoon and one piece of General Tso’s chicken. I literally just got one piece.) and simple sushi that was just tuna and a little riece. I also ate a lot of fruit too. I obviously could have done better, but Sundays are suppose to be my higher calorie days. It’s also hard when you never eat Chinese food or have access  to anything you want so you do want to try everything. Either way, I didn’t aim to get my money’s worth which was my mindset all of my life. I learned a lot about control today which is a start.

Coffee: This afternoon, I was jonesin’ for some iced coffee but I didn’t want to go spend $3 on cold bitter coffee. So, I went to the interwebs to find a solid recipe and I found this awesome article from The New York Times! It was awesome! The secret was using my ceramic pour over thingy that I got from World Market a while back. If you want some cheaper iced coffee, give this a shot!

Dinner: So neither of us were hungry until around 8 so we had to figure out something random to eat. Megan, the hodge podge dinner wizard, made this awesome concoction of shredded chicken (which we just keep in our fridge at all times now for salads and nights like this) black beans and corn. I put it on a my La Tortilla tortillas that have 13 grams of fiber and are low in fat too! It turned out to be a pretty good thrown together dinner.

So today was a great boost for my confidence. I know what I am doing is right and working for me. I can’t wait to see what this week holds. Time to keep at it! See ya tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 664: Weigh In Day of Epicness!

  1. Congrats Nathan!

    I LOVE the La Tortilla tortillas with the 13 g of fiber!! I always have boiled eggs in the fridge, and on crazy mornings I cut up two of those bad boys onto a La Tortilla tortilla, add just a little bit of cheese and nuke it in the microwave for a minute. So delicious, nutritious and easy to take on-the-go.

    Keep at it man! You’re a true inspiration!

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